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Youth joined journey for the hom

Youth joined journey for the homeland’s sea and islands on Phu Quy

BTO- The provincial Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union branch lately held a program themed “Youth with the homeland’s sea and islands 2020” in Phu Quy island district, with the participation of nearly 100 youth union members.

The three-day program, which had the attendance of Mrs Le Thi Bich Lien and Mr. Tran Sinh Toan- -Secretary and deputy Secretary of the provincial Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union branch, aims to promote patriotism and love for national sea and islands, as well as raise awareness and responsibility of youth union members for engaging in building and protecting the fatherland.

Youth union members have depolyed many practical activities to support cadres, soldiers and people who are living and working in the outpost island. In particular, they visited and presented gifts to people’s armed forces; organized sports and culture exchanges with youth union members of Phu Quy district; maintained the national flagpole. Youth union members also actively joined the youth work to provide clean water supplies for students. Especially, in a ceremony held at Phu Quy memorial temple on May 30, youth union members offered incenses and flowers to pay tribute to martyrs, handed over 6 water filters to primary schools, presented 100 national flags to local fishermen, presented 10 gifts and 10 scholarships to poor households and studious students. 

At the event, deputy of the provincial Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union branch Tran Sinh Toan emphasized that defending national sovereignty over sea and islands is one of urgent tasks of the whole political system, agencies and forces, including youth. For that reason, youth need to enhance their awareness about the important role of sea and islands in the cause of building and safeguarding the fatherland, contributing to reinforcing the faith and promoting consensus among the society towards policies and guidelines of the Party and the State relating to national sea and islands. Each youth union member should promote the spirit of volunteer to be creative and pioneering in the development of sea and island-based economy.

Translated by Phuong Lan (Source: Binh Thuan Newspaper)

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