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Project ensuring safety for economic activities at sea and islands

BTO- Binh Thuan now has totally 10 districts/city/town, including 7 coastal localities with 36 communes/wards. Apart from more than 7,800 fishing boats of local fishermen, there are 6,000 boats from across the country (from Da Nang city to Kien Giang province) working in large fishing grounds in Binh Thuan.

In the face of such large exploitation scale, Binh Thuan authority has develop a project on ensuring social order and safety for local people and economic activities concerning sea and islands with the purpose of maintaining public security.

In 2017’s first half,  public security and social order in coastal areas and islands posed many complications with the increasing cases of law violations and incidents relating to fishery activities, resulting in huge damages for local fishermen.

Over the past six months, there were 4 foreign fishing boats violating Binh Thuan’s waters (including 2 boats from China, one from the Philippines and one from Panama), apart from 3 Taiwanese vessels drifting in the waters of Binh Thuan. Besides, the number of illegal operations of  Binh Thuan’s fishing boats and fishermen in foreign waters, that  have been seized by marine authorities of  Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines, has raised in stead of ceaseless efforts of authorities at all levels and functional agencies in preventing such violations.

As of now, a total of 241 unity groups (with 2,150 fishing boats and 15,311 workers) plus 5 fishery unions have been established and reinforced across the province to support fishermen in case of disputes or arising problems while  working at the sea. Thanks to practical assistance of these groups and unions, many offshore fishing teams have been formed and developed in line with the national strategy for economic development in sea and island areas associated with ensuring national sovereignty. Propagations on managing, protecting and sustainable developing Vietnam’s sea and islands have been organized to raise awareness and responsibility of cadres, civil servants and local residents. Functional bodies have opened 210 courses to spread laws on security and social order at sea and islands, give local fishermen instructions on coordinates and territorial waters to avoid infringing foreign territorial waters and prevent unfortunate circumstances when operating offshore. Authorities have also attached importance to propagandizing and guiding people to heighten their vigilance in order to realize and struggle against violations of national sea and islands, timely report to competent bodies for proper solutions.

On the other hand, Binh Thuan’s authorities have well implemented policies in support of fishermen to repair and build new boats for offshore fishing. After 6 months of implementing the project, work relating to preserving public security and safety for people and marine economic activities has brought fruitful outcomes. People’s political comprehension, responsibility for defending national sovereignty over sea and islands have improved, contributing to promoting the general power of the political system and the whole society as well as highlighting the important role of the armed forces, therefore ensuring the security and social order in the sea and island areas as the targets set in the project. 

Phuong Lan (Source: Binhthuan Newspaper)

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