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Tuy Phong

Tuy Phong sets up concentrated Covid-19 quarantine area  inside Phu Lac secondary school

BTO- The authorities of Tuy Phong district on Friday morning (June 25) decided to establish a concentrated quarantine facility at Phu Lac secondary school (Phu Lac commune) for those who contacted with Covid-19 infected people (F1) in the locality.

The facility, which has a capacity of 70 quarantined people, are equipped with material facilities (separate rooms, beds, power and water supplies well as some utensils …). As planned,  a total of 5 concentrated quarantine areas will be established in Tuy Phong, which are located in the district’s Medical Center, Le Van Tam secondary school,  Tuy Phong high school, Phong Phu commune’s cultural house, and Phu Lac secondary school.

Currently, residents in Phu Lac commune strictly implement social distancing imposed in Phan Thiet city and Tuy Phong district after 5 cases of Covid-19 infections were confirmed in those two localities.

Translated by Phuong Lan (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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