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Trung Nguyen Legend Group gives

Trung Nguyen Legend Group gives 3,000 valuable books to Binh Thuan’s start-ups

BTO-Trung Nguyen Legend Group and the Vietnam Youth Federation’s Central Committee lately launched a social program entited “Journey of Setting Great Mindset-Start-up- Building the Nation for Vietnamese Youth” to provide youth with knowledge and information to start-up.

The journey is scheduled to take place within 30 days  (from June 25- July 25) going through 36 provinces/cities of Vietnam. In Binh Thuan, the program presented 3,000 life-changing books selected among human’s greatest successful samples by Trung Nguyen Legend Chairman –Mr. Dang Le Nguyen Vu.

The books, which include valuable fundamental books for those who want to set up their own businesses, as follows: Start-up Nation, Think and Grow Rich, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Trails may not Fail…, were handed over to Binh Thuan provincial Ho Chi Minh Communist youth Union Branch, the provincial Library, Youh Union branch of Phan Thiet city and Binh Thuan Community College. The organizers also visited and presented books to soldiers of Bau Trang Border Guard station (Bac Binh district)

Source: Binhthuan Online (Translated by Phuong Lan)







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