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PPC Chairman meets with working

PPC Chairman meets with working team on researching tourism development strategy

BTO-Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee lately held a meeting between leaders of departments/branches/agencies with a working team set up to research tourism development strategy for Binh Thuan province.

Under the PPC’s direction, the team, led by Dr. Julian Kirchherr from McKinsey & Company Inc, a global-management consulting firm with consultants in more than 60 countries worldwide, has conducted surveys and researches to assess transport infrastructure conditions, then build up ideas and review the existing data in order to made a detailed analysis on the current status of Binh Thuan’s tourism sector. The team has made fact-findings in key tourist areas  of Phan Thiet city, interviewed policy-makers, travel agencies and owners of resorts, hotels across the province. Up to now, the working team has completed the draft report on current situation of Binh Thuan tourism along with the comparison data for 7 plans of tourism development orientation. A discussion on tourism development strategy is expected to be held in Phan Thiet city in June, 2019.

According to the group, Binh Thuan has a series of advantages, such as: natural landscapes, friendly and hospitable residents, mild climate conditions and a diversity of food & specialties. However, the locality faces some obstacles as the transport infrastructure has not been developed synchronously while tourism management work is lack of professionalism. The brand name of Binh Thuan tourism has not been promoted properly. At the same time, there have been very few of entertainment centers for visitors and local people need to raise their awareness of protecting environment and  natural landscapes.

At the meeting, Chairman Nguyen Ngoc Hai stressed that tourism is considered as a spearhead in economic development of Binh Thuan province. For that reason, the provincial authorities have paid special attention to directing departments and localities to implement investment promotion events to attract more strategic tourism projects; investment in building and upgrading transport networks to facilitate tourism development.

He also asked functional departments, agencies to continue giving assistance to  the working group in researching Binh Thuan tourism development strategy.  

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