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Bringing Mid-Autumn gifts to dis

Bringing Mid-Autumn gifts to disadvantaged children in Tuy Phong district

BTO- The Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Branch of Tuy Phong district on September 18 gave 331 Mid-Autumn gifts to children with difficult circumstances, children with disabilities inCay Cam hamlet (Hoa Minh commune) and Cua Sut hamlet (Phuoc The commune).

Due to the complicated development of Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s Mid-Autumn festival for children did not include many cultural activities and games as usual. Instead, the organizers directly took gifts to children at their houses. The gifts, which consist of confectionery, bottled milk and lanterns, are practical donations from youth union branches of Tuy Phong garment factory, Vinh Tan Thermal Power company, Vinh Hao Salt Joint Stock Company. According to Mr. Phan Hoai Bao-Secretary of Tuy Phong district’s Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Branch, those small gifts have brought care and sharing to disadvantaged children in Tuy Phong. The Mid-Autumn festival was not celebrated with lantern parades in bustling atmosphere as previous years, but most of children were enjoyable. They also felt a warm and cozy Mid-Autumn season thanks to meaningful presents with full of love. 

Translated by Phuong Lan (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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