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Binh Thuan to ensure sufficient

Binh Thuan to ensure sufficient vehicles for commuting on Tet holidays

BTO- The people’s committee of Binh Thuan province has recently issued plans on ensuring the safety and order of transportation on the coming holidays of Solar New Year and Lunar New Year 2020 in the locality.

As planned, the People’s committee urges the localities at all levels to make sure of clear transport, meeting the demand for commodity transports and the safety for transport participants. It is necessary to make sure that the transport vehicles are enough for all people to go back home on Tet.

In addition to promoting propaganda and warning of increased traffic accident risks, the provincial People’s committee has guided functional agencies to strengthen patrols, controlling and handling with serious violations. All the use of alcohol and drug while riding or driving must be strictly punished in prevention of accidents.

At the same time, localities shall take action to disorder places and situation which threaten to the commuters’ safety before, during and after Tet. All illegal raise of coach tickets shall be dealt with.

Translated by My Thien (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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