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Binh Thuan promotes anti-plastic

Binh Thuan promotes anti-plastic waste movement among public agencies

BTO- The provincial People’s Committee lately issued a document to ask its affiliates, the Vietnam Fatherland front Committee, organizations, people’s Committees of districts/city/town to implement the movement “Anti-plastic waste” in public agencies, units.

According to the provincial people’s Committee, plastic waste is a global problem that is putting increasing pressure on natural environment. Preventing plastic waste by limiting the use of plastic bags, straws and other single-use plastic containers has become an urgent task the need the engagement of the whole community.

In 2018, the United nations (UN) launched the World Environment Day under the theme “Beat Plastic Pollution” to propagate and mobilize people, as well as call on the community to change the  habit of  using disposable plastic products, reduce environmental pollution and protect human health. At the ceremony to launch the movement  combating plastic waste held in Hanoi on June 9, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc  emphasized the national target of striving to 2025, the whole country is not using disposable plastic products. When attending the G20 summit in Osaka (Japan), Mr. Nguyen Xuan Phuc also reaffirmed Vietnam’s determination to participate in global efforts to fight plastic pollution. The Government has implemented measures to strive to 2025 Vietnam will say no to single-use-plastic items.

The provincial People’s Committee on April 17, 2019 promulgated Plan No.1324/KH-UBND on organizing the “Anti-plastic waste movement” in the province in 2020. Accordingly, departments, branches, agencies, political-social organizations, people’s committees of districts/city/town are requested to carry out many programs in respond to this movement.

With the purpose of implementing the movements “Fighting plastic waste” and “Say no to nylon bags and single-use plastic products” effectively and practically, and improving responsibility and awareness of officials, cadres and civil servants about the implementation of “anti-plastic waste movement”, PPC Chairman has asked departments, branches, agencies, people’s committees of districts/city/town in collaboration with fronts and organizations to focus on the following tasks:

-     Limiting towards not using plastic bottled water and single-use plastic straws in all meetings, conferences, seminars, and other events. They can be replaced with alternative materials, such as porcelain, glass., or large reusable  bottles.

-      Launching movement of not using single-use plastic products in all activities.

-     Each official/civil servant/worker must be an example in changing habit not to use single-use plastic products at both office and house, contributing to preventing plastic waste that is harmful for living environment.

Translated by Phuong Lan (Source: Binhthuan Newspaper)

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