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Binh Thuan patrols to ensure sec

Binh Thuan patrols to ensure security and social order after protest

BTO- The Traffic Police Division under the Province’s department of Public security in coordination with the forces of C67, K20 and 113 have deployed patrols to monitor and ensure the local security and traffic safety in the area of Phan Thiet city and adjacent areas, and national highway through the province.

Through patrols and scrutiny, the functional authorities have detected and handled with a number of cases of violation of security, social and traffic order. The patrols have been conducted since the night of June 13.

Reportedly, nearly 100 extremists were arrested on Monday night and many motorbikes were seized Many of the arrested are drug addicts and criminals. A majority of them are adolescents who confessed to being manipulated and receiving money to carry out the attacks.

Translated by My Thien

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