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Binh Thuan braces for flood prev

Binh Thuan braces for flood prevention as Ham Thuan dam discharges water

BTO – To actively prevent flood and landslide in the downstream areas of La Nga River in the districts of Ham Thuan Bac, Tanh Linh and Duc Tinh and minimize damage to the locals, Vice chairman of the provincial People’s committee Nguyen Duc Hoa signed documents to urge relevant localities to brace for floods.

Illustrative image - Photo: My Thien

Accordingly, the residents living along the lower streams of La Nga River is noticed of the time, volume of water as the Ham Thuan dam will be discharged the water.

Warning signs is required to be plugged at the risky areas of the river to notice and forbid people travel pass the river as the time of water-discharging. The functional authorities are asked to check and deploy plans for flood prevention and rescue under the “4 on-the spot” guideline.

The functional departments and agencies should prepare facilities for support and rescue the locals and their properties. In case of urgencies, they can evacuate and relocate the residents and their properties to safe places.

Earlier, the Da Nhim - Ham Thuan - Da Mi Hydropower Joint Stock Company issued Notice dated September 14th on the discharge of water through Ham Thuan spillway.  An estimated inflow from 25m3/s to 50m3/s is expected to be discharged through the spillway at about 10AM, September 15th 2018.  The risks of floods may happen in the lowlands of La Nga are in the areas of Ham Thuan Bac, Tanh Linh and Duc Linh, affecting agricultural production and daily life of people in downstream areas.

Translated by My Thien (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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