Sea water in central Vietnam meets environmental standards: authority

Updated at 15:27:08 06/23/2017 (Views: 15)

Sea water in four central Vietnamese provinces hit by the Formosa pollution crisis last year is finally back to meeting environmental safety standards, the Vietnam Environment Administration (VEA) announced this week.

  • Experts call for evacuation plan as emergency declared for Vietnam's major reservoir

    Updated at 10:57:35 06/20/2017 (Views: 17)

    Water could be seen slowly seeping through the irrigation reservoir in the northern province of Thai Nguyen in recent days.

  • South Korean charity delegation wishes to offer free checkup in Ham Thuan Nam

    Updated at 10:16:37 06/20/2017 (Views: 20)

    BTO – People’s committee of Binh Thuan province has recently given nod to allowing a group of doctors from South Korea’s Global Corps to visit Binh Thuan and provide free-of-charge medical examination and treatment for the local people with disabilities, orphans and the poor in three communes of Tan Thanh, Tan Thuan and Thuan Quy (Ham Thuan Nam district).

  • Press should report more on business climate improvement, PM says

    Updated at 10:11:54 06/20/2017 (Views: 20)

    Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc met with leaders of press agencies in Hanoi on June 18, asking press outlets to report more on business climate improvement efforts.

  • Vietnam commits to Paris agreement on climate change

    Updated at 15:47:52 06/16/2017 (Views: 25)

    Experts gathered at a workshop in Hanoi on June 15 to discuss activities to adapt to climate change in the agricultural sector to implement the Paris Agreement.

  • Binh Thuan takes lead in South Eastern region’s emulation bloc

    Updated at 15:58:00 06/15/2017 (Views: 27)

    The Central Emulation and Rewards Council lately held a ceremony in Hanoi to honor national typical units and individuals in emulation movements 2017.

  • Hanoi seeks EU help to become smart, urban city

    Updated at 10:14:02 06/14/2017 (Views: 27)

    Hanoi wishes to learn from experience of Italy’s Milan city in urban construction and development for its programme to become a smart city, said Chairman of the municipal People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Chung at a working session with an EU delegation on June 13.

  •  Mother sea turtle and 108 eggs rescued at Hon Cau MPA

    Updated at 10:15:34 06/13/2017 (Views: 32)

    BTO- The rescue team of Hon Cau Marine Protected Area (MPA) in Tuy Phong district successfully rescued a female sea turtle laying eggs in early morning of Saturday (June 10).

  • National Assembly Economic Committee delegation surveyed North-South Expressway construction project

    Updated at 15:47:57 06/12/2017 (Views: 27)

    BTO – On June 11th, a delegation of the National Assembly Economic Committee (NAEC) led by Nguyen Duc Kien – deputy chief of  NAEC made an inspection tour to check current situation and locale of the North-South expressway project. Joining the delegation, there were deputy Minister of Transport Nguyen Nhat and Vice chairman of Binh Thuan provincial People’s committee Pham Van Nam.

  • Binh Thuan ready for oil spill prevention and rescue on Phu Quy waters

    Updated at 09:34:22 06/12/2017 (Views: 102)

    BTO – An incident occurred in the evening of June 10th when the cargo ship CHEMROAD JOURNEY was caught on a shoal at the coordinates: 10002.40 N - 108058.50 E (Da Ty island, about 28 nautical miles south of Phu Quy - Binh Thuan province).

  • Ramuwan greetings extended to Cham Muslims in Binh Thuan

    Updated at 15:29:39 06/07/2017 (Views: 69)

     BTO- On the occasion of the traditional Ramuwan festival of the Cham Muslims, a delegation led by deputy Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Duong Van An on June 6th paid visits Cham Bani dignitaries and followers in Tuy Phong and Bac Binh districts.

  • Nearly VND 2 billion spent on electricity cost support for the poor

    Updated at 10:55:49 06/06/2017 (Views: 143)

    BTO – People’s Committee of Binh Thuan province has proposed the Provincial People’s Council to considerate a disbursement of VND 1.995 billion from the state budget for districts/town/city in support of power cost for the poor in the second quarter of 2017.

  • Meeting in response to World Environment Day “Living in harmony with the nature”

    Updated at 10:05:01 06/06/2017 (Views: 29)

    BTO – A meeting in response to World Environment Day (June 5th) and World Ocean Day (June 8th), and Week of Vietnam’s seas and islands (from June 1st-8th) took place at Bau Trang ecotourism area (Hoa Thang commune, Bac Binh district) on the morning of June 5th, 2017.

  • Binh Thuan: Poor children experience a hard summer time

    Updated at 15:24:35 06/05/2017 (Views: 29)

    BTO – Summer is the most expected break time for most of Vietnamese children, especially those who live in the city, because of a number of entertainment activities awaiting for. In summer, parents will take their children to rural areas or tourist spots for vacation

  • Minister calls for practical actions to protect environment

    Updated at 15:02:54 06/05/2017 (Views: 149)

    Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment Tran Hong Ha appealed to the public and the business community to take practical actions to protect the environment, particularly during the 2017 Action Month for the Environment.

  • Youth joined “Let’s clean up the ocean”

    Updated at 10:53:13 06/05/2017 (Views: 158)

    BTO – Nearly 400 youth converged in a voluntary movement to clean up the beach in association with launch of the 2017 summer youth voluntary campaign at Doi Duong Park-Phan Thiet City in Saturday morning (June 3rd). The programme was observed on the occasion of  World Environment Day (June 5th), World Ocean Day (June 8th) and the Vietnam Sea and Islands Week 2017

  • Festive day in favour of children observed

    Updated at 11:12:16 06/02/2017 (Views: 150)

    BTO-A programme entitled “June 1st-Festive day for Binh Thuan children” in celebration of International Chidren Day (June 1st) took place at Binh Thuan Children House on June 1st.

  • Binh Thuan to launch Action Month for children 2017

    Updated at 09:45:27 06/02/2017 (Views: 30)

    BTO – An action month for children, themed “Enforcing Child Law and preventing child Abuse”, was launched in Phan Thiet city on June 1st morning by the Department of War-Invalids and Social Affairs (DoWSA) in coordination with the Phan Thiet city People’s Committee.

  • Vietnam to impose duty on Chinese, South Korean and Taiwanese steel sheets

    Updated at 10:52:34 06/01/2017 (Views: 215)

    Vietnam will impose quotas and so-called safeguard duties on imported painted-galvanised steel from China, South Korea and Taiwan for three years to protect domestic producers, its trade ministry said on Wednesday.

  • 113 sea turtle eggs rescued successfully

    Updated at 10:03:30 05/30/2017 (Views: 233)

    BTO – As many as 113 sea turtle eggs on Hon Cau marine protective area (MPA) in Tuy Phong district were detected and rescued safely by volunteers participating in the program “Conservation of sea turtles 2017”, according to the management of Hon Cau MPA.

  • 100 water tanks given to people in drought hit region

    Updated at 16:26:52 05/29/2017 (Views: 363)

    BTO – The provincial Committee of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union of Binh Thuan province lately partnered with Ho Chi Minh City-based Tuoi tre (Youth) newspaper to offer 100 plastic water tanks to households affected by drought in the communes of Tan Thang and Thang Hai (Ham Tan district).

  • Mui Ne to propose plan of concentrated wastewater treatment system

    Updated at 10:01:26 05/29/2017 (Views: 426)

    BTO - Being one of the nation’s renowned tourist spots, Mui Ne gathers more than 70 high-grade travel accommodations

  • Vietnam to develop 1,370km cross-nation expressway at $13bn

    Updated at 14:48:31 05/27/2017 (Views: 447)

    Vietnam’s Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has selected the official proposal for a colossal project to develop an expressway that runs from north to south.

  • New market for Lagi town

    Updated at 14:58:28 05/25/2017 (Views: 557)

    The people’s Committee of Binh Thuan province approved of investment construction of new Lagi market on May 23rd, 2017

  • Vietnam luxury hotel market becomes ‘hotspot’ in SE Asia

    Updated at 10:41:56 05/25/2017 (Views: 566)

    As luxury hotels prosper, more and more investors are pouring capital into the sector. The high growth rate in the tourism sector and strong investment growth in Vietnam has created a new momentum for the hotel service sector, helping it gain a new record revenue of $15 billion.

  • Binh Thuan to disburse nearly VND 3 billion for Hunger Eradication and Poverty Reduction program

    Updated at 09:46:21 05/23/2017 (Views: 585)

    BTO – The people’s Committee of Binh Thuan province has recently approved an disbursement of VND 2,188.9 billion from the local and central budget in support of Hunger Eradication and Poverty reduction program in the locality.

  • Laborers get benefits from Workers’ Month

    Updated at 15:47:24 05/22/2017 (Views: 614)

    BTO - On the occasion of Worker’s Month 2017, representatives of Electricity Generating Corporation 3 have visited and presented gifts worth VND 30 million to employees of Vinh Tan Thermal Power Corporation.

  • President Ho Chi Minh in the hearts of foreign friends

    Updated at 15:37:57 05/19/2017 (Views: 626)

    President Ho Chi Minh, a beloved leader of Vietnamese, is also a respected figure in the hearts of foreign friends. On his birth anniversary, VOV reflects the sentiments of foreign friends for Ho Chi Minh.

  • Over VND 998,9 billion invested in building coastal road of DT719B

    Updated at 08:36:54 05/18/2017 (Views: 829)

    BTO- The people’s committee of Bind Thuan province has recently proposed the Ministry of Investment and Planning, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Transport to assess the financial sources and ability to balance the central budget in support of the project of building the coastal road DT 719B (from Phan Thiet to Ke Ga).

  • Various activities in response to World Environment Day

    Updated at 15:51:47 05/17/2017 (Views: 815)

    BTO – The department of Environment and Natural resources of Binh Thuan province has recently deployed a number of activities in response to World Environment Day, World Ocean Day and Vietnam’s seas and islands week 2017 with the theme of “Living in harmony with the nature”, “Our ocean, our future”, etc.

  • La Gi to invest waste treatment consortium

    Updated at 10:10:58 05/16/2017 (Views: 823)

    BTO – In the recent years, La Gi town has encountered a lot of difficulties in dealing with daily waste. The volume of trash collected and treated reaches only from 75-85 percent, causing serious environmental pollution and leaving heath problems for the locals.

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