Three  more long-lived persons in Binh Thuan

Updated at 15:44:26 02/10/2017 (Views: 22)

BTO - Recently, Vice Chairman of Binh Thuan People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Hoa has sent an additional list to the Presiden’s office to grant  long-lived greeting cards for 100-year-old persons in Binh Thuan.

  • One more Phan Thiet – Sai Gon train couple

    Updated at 08:11:23 01/21/2017 (Views: 33)

    BTO- Besides the couple of trains  SPT2/SPT1 daily runing Sai Gon – Phan Thiet, Vietnam Railway Corporation has made decision to increase one more Sai Gon – Phan Thiet train couple SPT3/ SPT4 to meet passengers’ travel demand, on lunar New year’s days (January 26 – 31).

  • Phan Thiet city decorated to welcome the new spring

    Updated at 16:38:05 01/19/2017 (Views: 47)

    BTO - On these days, Binh Thuan Environmental Urban Service Joint Stock Company is actively giving gentrification around the Phan Thiet city’s streets.

  • Provincial leader pays Tet visit to 3 upland communes

    Updated at 16:39:56 01/18/2017 (Views: 33)

    BTO - Binh Thuan Cabinet Chief Nguyen Thanh Tam has paid Tet visit and presented gifts to 3 upland communes (La  Da, Dong Giang, Dong Tien), military and police agencies in Ham Thuan Bac district.

  • Vietnamese commodities “return” Mountainous areas ahead of Tet

    Updated at 14:36:40 01/11/2017 (Views: 38)

    BTO – Binh Thuan Trading JSC has lately launched plans to sell “Tet” goods in several mountainous areas of Binh Thuan for the purpose of meeting the shopping demands of a variety of people in outskirts.

  • Donating more than 10 billion VND to the poor

    Updated at 15:16:25 01/05/2017 (Views: 46)

    BTO - In 2016, the fund “For the poor” received more than 10,7 billion VND (near VND 2 billion at district level and 8,7 billion VND at commune level), by 133.9 percent of the yearly plan

  • 100 Tet gifts in favor of poor households in Thuan Hoa

    Updated at 14:34:31 01/05/2017 (Views: 27)

    BTO –Binh Thuan Customs Sub Department (under the Department of Customs of Dong Nai province) in partnership with the Vietnam Fatherland Font Committee has visited and offered some 100 presents to the poor in Thuan Hoa commune – Ham Thuan Bac district as the Lunar New Year is coming soon.

  • Legal propaganda for ethnic minorities

    Updated at 10:25:19 01/04/2017 (Views: 54)

    BTO - Project 165 in the period 2013 – 2016, dissemination of the Party and State's policies to people in the rural and ethnic minority zones has been implemented by Binh Thuan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, relative agencies.

  • Binh Thuan’s proposal to support seeds to overcome natural disaster

    Updated at 15:48:38 01/03/2017 (Views: 70)

    BTO - In the end of September and the beginning of October 2016, there were different types of rain lasting several days in Binh Thuan such as  light rain, drizzle, heavy rain… due to the effects of tropical depression.

  • Right Rich to give USD 20,000  to Study Encouragement Fund

    Updated at 07:42:58 12/30/2016 (Views: 34)

    BTO - As planned, leader of Binh Thuan People’s Committee  will welcome delegation of Right Rich International Co., Ltd (Ham Kiem II industrial zone) giving USD 20,000  to Binh Thuan study Encouragement Fund, on January 13, 2017.

  • Dissemination of law on water resources

    Updated at 14:58:40 12/29/2016 (Views: 39)

    BTO - Binh Thuan Department of natural resources and environment has disseminated law on water resources, law of hydrometeorology for coastal resorts, titanium mining enterprises, farms, seafood processing companies.

  • ISO training course in 2016

    Updated at 14:44:25 12/29/2016 (Views: 51)

    BTO - The officials from Binh Thuan departments and agencies have been trained to maintain and improve ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system, introduced a new version of ISO 9001:2015 by Binh Thuan branch of standards metrology and quality (Binh Thuan Department of Science and Technology).

  • Increasing train routes in solar New Year’s days

    Updated at 09:39:38 12/29/2016 (Views: 71)

    BTO - To meet passengers’ travel demand on solar New year’s days, Vietnam Railway Corporation has made decision to increase Saigon –Phan Thiet train routes on December 31, 2016 and  vice versa on January 2, 2017. The cost of soft seat is 188.000 VND/seat.

  • Royal Cambodian Army’s delegation visiting Binh Thuan

    Updated at 10:36:42 12/27/2016 (Views: 85)

    BTO - Lieutenant General Sorn Thy was leading a delegation of Royal Cambodian Army on the visit to Binh Thuan Military Headquarter within 2 days (December 20 and 21), on the 72nd anniversary of the establishment of the Vietnam People’s Army.

  • Binh Thuan to cancel Lunar New Year’s Eve fireworks show

    Updated at 09:56:49 12/24/2016 (Views: 162)

    BTO - Binh Thuan is expected to stop its planned firework show on the upcoming lunar New Year’s Eve in the wake of a recent Directive from the Secretariat of the Communist Party of Vietnam. Accordingly, the localities across Binh Thuan shall not display fireworks show on the New Year’s Eve as earlier planned.

  • Christmas congratulations delivered to Phan Thiet Bishopric

    Updated at 09:52:58 12/24/2016 (Views: 60)

    BTO- Standing Deputy scretary of the provincial Party committee Huynh Thanh Canh visited Phan Thiet Bishopric and extended his best wishes and congratulations to bishops and parishioners on December 22nd afternoon.

  • “Tropical ocean” in Ham Thuan Nam district

    Updated at 10:03:25 12/22/2016 (Views: 38)

    BTO - After the completed phase 1, Tropical Ocean resort at Thuan Thanh hamlet, Thuan Quy commune (Ham Thuan Nam district) has been in operation, including 100 rooms,  restaurant, swimming pool and some items.

  • Province’s party leader visits the Provincial Military Command on 72nd founding anniversary of the Vietnam People’s Army

    Updated at 14:24:43 12/21/2016 (Views: 99)

    BTO - Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Nguyen Manh Hung – member of the Party Central Committee visited and congratulated the provincial Military Command on the 72nd founding anniversary of the Vietnam People’s Army (December 22nd) this morning.

  • Surveying Luy river basin affected by climate change

    Updated at 14:35:33 12/20/2016 (Views: 33)

    BTO - Workshop on reporting regional socio-economic at Luy river basin (Bac Binh district) affected by climate change was held by Binh Thuan Department of Planning and Investment, last weekend.

  • Taiwanese ship safely pulled into the Phu Quy island

    Updated at 10:00:34 12/17/2016 (Views: 52)

    BTO- At 3:00 PM on December 14th, a Taiwanese ship of Yong Shun Li 36901, protection brand of BH3223 carrying the crew of 9 people was safely pulled toward the Phu Quy island by the Vietnam’s ship of Hoang Phuc 16.

  • Phan Thiet to host Miss Vietnam Ocean 2017

    Updated at 14:40:03 12/13/2016 (Views: 53)

    BTO - Recently, Vo Viet Chung Co., Ltm has sent a text to  Binh Thuan Tourism Association for permission to host Miss Vietnam Ocean 2017.

  • Youth construction kicked off in Tan Binh commune

    Updated at 09:04:39 12/09/2016 (Views: 47)

    BTO - On December 8th morning, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (HCYU) of Binh Thuan province held a ground-breaking ceremony of the youth construction, named “concreting rural road” in Tan Binh commune, La Gi town.

  • Starting the largest potable water project in Ham Thuan Bac district

    Updated at 14:09:07 12/08/2016 (Views: 64)

    BTO - Ham Thuan Bac water plant project located in Ham Tri commune (Ham Thuan Bac district) was surveyed and invested by the Italian and Vietnamese government in 2006, with capacity of 10,000 cubic meters per day.

  • Asia’s largest-capacity cable line to become operational

    Updated at 16:37:18 12/06/2016 (Views: 119)

    The Asia Pacific Gateway (APG) submarine fiber optic cable line will be operational in Vietnam, according to the Vietnam Post and Telecommunication Group (VNPT).

  • Declaration of temporary residency for foreigners via internet

    Updated at 15:29:41 12/05/2016 (Views: 61)

    BTO - Landlords in Binh Thuan province have enjoyed declaration of temporary residency for their foreigners via an online form since 24th November 2016.

  • Festival promotes friendship between city residents, expats

    Updated at 16:42:58 12/02/2016 (Views: 59)

    The annual Ho Chi Minh City - Development and Integration Festival to promote friendship between city residents and expatriates kicked off on December 1 at the April 30 Park in District 1.

  • Vietnam, France forge stronger ICT cooperation

    Updated at 16:19:10 11/30/2016 (Views: 50)

    Minister of Information and Communication Truong Minh Tuan visited France from November 26-29, aiming to strengthen cooperation between Vietnam and France in information technology and communications.

  • Phan Thiet to break ground construction of waste treatment plant

    Updated at 09:13:33 11/29/2016 (Views: 62)

    BTO – Nhat Hoang Limited Company observed a groundbreaking ceremony of waste treatment plant in Tien Binh hamlet, Tien Thanh commune, Phan Thiet city on November 26th morning.

  • Vietnamese professor honoured by Japanese Consulate General

    Updated at 16:04:22 11/25/2016 (Views: 48)

    The representative office of the Japanese Consulate General in Ho Chi Minh City has presented a certificate of merit to Professor, Dr. Vo Tong Xuan for his contributions to friendship between Vietnam and Japan.

  • Up to VND 5.4 billion relief aid given to flood victims in central region

    Updated at 14:33:14 11/22/2016 (Views: 52)

    BTO- As of November 18, Binh Thuan provincial Committee of Vietnam Fatherland Front has raised a total of fund of more than VND 5.4 billion in support of flood victims in the central provinces.

  • Two monkeys released into Nui Ong Nature Reserve

    Updated at 11:13:30 11/17/2016 (Views: 58)

    BT- The managing board of Nui Ong Nature Reserve lately released a couple of monkeys into natural environment in sub-region 361 directly under the Nui Ong Nature Reserve (Duc Thuan commune-Tanh Linh district).