Free eye surgery offered light to 500 poor patients

Updated at 15:51:12 04/28/2017 (Views: 9)

BTO- A charity program “Bringing light to the Poor in 2017”, was joint held by Dai-ichi Life Vietnam insurance company and Ho Chi Minh city Sponsoring Association for poor patients and Binh Thuan Sponsoring Association for Disabled and Orphanage at the provincial General hospital.

  • Mui Ne picked among top 5 Asia’s adventurous paradises

    Updated at 08:25:26 04/28/2017 (Views: 11)

    BTO – The Asian One’s Travel Website has recently suggested 5 must-try experiences in Asia for worldwide adventurous-lovers, including kite surfing in Mui Ne (Phan Thiet city – Binh Thuan province – Vietnam).

  • Tornadoes blamed for over VND 1,2 billion of damage in Binh Thuan

    Updated at 10:31:40 04/25/2017 (Views: 279)

    BTO – According to latest information from districts of Bac Binh, Ham Thuan Bac, Duc Linh and Tanh Linh, some big rains with strong wind (domestic whirlwinds) which triggered in Song Binh and Song Luy communes (Bac Binh district), Dong Giang (Ham Thuan Bac) and Me Pu commune (Duc Linh district), and Nghi Duc and Duc Phu communes (Tanh Linh district) in the afternoons of April 22nd and 23rd, has caused huge damages in housing, perennial crops and some public works in the areas.

  • Thousands partook in coastal Clean-up Day in Mui Ne and La Gi

    Updated at 16:22:05 04/17/2017 (Views: 1404)

    BTO – Over 1,000 volunteers, who are civil servants, soldiers and students living in Mui Ne,  joined the campaign to clean up trashes around Mui Ne fishing village on April 16th.  The group have spring-cleaned the 500-meter-coastline of Mui Ne from top to bottom for only 1 hour.

  • Tan Phuoc dumping ground “completely removed” for the sake of the environment

    Updated at 16:42:20 04/14/2017 (Views: 1626)

    BTO – As of March 30th, Tan Phuoc dumping ground in La Gi town officially stopped operating and started putting the garbage into Tan Binh garbage treatment plant.

  • 3-meter ribbon fish drifted on Mui Ne beach

    Updated at 15:41:17 04/14/2017 (Views: 1626)

    BTO – A giant  ribbon fish (Trichiurus lepturus), was found alive by fishers and tourists on Mui Ne beach, near Malibu resort, on April 13th afternoon.

  • More than 6,000 laborers get jobs in first quarter

    Updated at 08:16:55 04/11/2017 (Views: 1661)

    BTO – In the first three months of 2017, a total of 6,050 workers have been accessed to job placement. Of these, 187 employees received loans and other 900 workers were recruited by local enterprises.

  • Binh Thuan to ban temporarily on exploitation of seafood specialties

    Updated at 10:51:43 03/29/2017 (Views: 46)

    BTO – The Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has recently issued a temporary ban on exploitation of seafood specialties (mollusk and bivalve) across its sea waters from April 1 to July 31.

  • National Fund for Vietnamese children presented 30 bicycles to children

    Updated at 16:18:20 03/24/2017 (Views: 1855)

     BTO – Some 30 bicycles have been handed over to disadvantaged children in 6 communes of Bac Binh district by The National fund for Vietnamese children recently. The 30 children beneficiaries are from Phan Hoa, Phan Hiep, Phan Dien, Binh An, Binh Tan and Song Luy communes.

  • Binh Thuan to solve nearly 700 illegal business in 1st quarter 2017

    Updated at 16:10:37 03/24/2017 (Views: 1850)

    BTO- In the first quarter of 2017, Binh Thuan police has detected and solved with nearly 3,000 cases in breach of business, contributing VND 49.7 billion to the state budget by administrative fines. In spite of complicated situation of transport of illegal and banned goods, the functional forces have found out 489 cases, a year-on year rise of 50 cases.

  • Province’s party leader surveyed local travel accommodations

    Updated at 16:55:49 03/23/2017 (Views: 2019)

    BTO- Secretary of Binh Thuan provincial Party Committee Nguyen Manh Hung made a fact-finding visit  to 2 travel accommodations in Long Son –Suoi Nuoc and Ham Tien – Mui Ne tourist areas (Phan Thiet city) this morning (March 23rd) . The party leader called at Full Moon resort and 4-star Seahorse resort on his business trip.

  • Binh Thuan approves Master Plan of national sea tourism service center in Ham Tien

    Updated at 16:51:44 03/23/2017 (Views: 1884)

    BTO – In a recent meeting between leaders of the province and representatives of the functional bodies, a planning of sea tourism-service center of Binh Thuan at national level received many positive comments after careful consideration. The 1/500 detailed planning of Ham Tien – Mui Ne sea tourism & service center was then unified and approved by the provincial People’s Committee.

  • Binh Thuan sent 71 workers abroad in the first 2 months of 2017

    Updated at 09:08:40 03/22/2017 (Views: 48)

    BTO - According to report of Department of  Labour-Invalids and Social Affairs, a total of 71 local laborers have been sent to work abroad in the first 2 months of the year, fulfilling 71 percent of the whole year’s plan and up 654.5 percent when  compared to the same period last year.

  • Nearly VND 2 billion disbursed in support of poor households in electricity charge

    Updated at 14:45:50 03/16/2017 (Views: 1864)

    BTO – A disbursement of VND 1.994 billion in support of poor households in paying power charge has been recently proposed to the Provincial People’s Council by the provincial People’s Committee. The total amount is expected to be disbursed and allocated additionally to localities in the first quarter of 2017.

  • 604 insurance cards granted to poor persons

    Updated at 15:32:33 03/15/2017 (Views: 1871)

    BTO – HD Bank in partnership with HCMC Association for supporting poor patients and Binh Thuan association of disabled and orphanage have lately granted 604 insurance cards to near-poor households in 2 communes of Phan Ri Thanh and Hoa Thang (Bac Binh dstrict).

  • Binh Thuan keens on joining “Earth hour” 2017 campaign

    Updated at 07:59:56 03/14/2017 (Views: 1872)

    BTO – The “Earth Hour 2017” campaign, which will take place from 8:30pm to 9:30pm on the night of March 25th. Binh Thuan is able to grasp chances to show its interest, responsibility and ability to cope with climate change when participating in the “Earth hour” with the international and national community.

  • Local farmers to receive 30.000 doses of foot-and-mouth vaccine and antiseptic

    Updated at 16:20:27 03/13/2017 (Views: 1857)

    BTO – Binh Thuan department of Agriculture and Rural Development has lately granted free foot-and-mouth vaccines and Benkocid antiseptic to some localities in prevention of livestock and poultry epidemic diseases.

  • More than 200 youths partake in “Green Sunday” campaign

    Updated at 16:09:09 03/13/2017 (Views: 1859)

    BTO – As the “Green Sunday” campaign is concluded in a series of activities in the ongoing Youth Month 2017, some 200 members plus of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (HCYU) and  cadres of the Binh Thuan community College and soldiers of Binh Thuan provincial Border Guard have recently cleaned up waste and garbage at Doi Duong Public Park.

  • Province’s leaders met with Socodevi delegation

    Updated at 10:19:30 03/13/2017 (Views: 1903)

    BTO – On March 8th afternoon, vice chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Pham Van Nam and leaders of local departments and agencies welcomed SOCODEVI delegation led by Maxime Prud’homme – representative of the SOCODEVI in Vietnam  as well as co-Manager of VCED project.

  • Binh Thuan steps up Bird flu prevention and control

    Updated at 17:05:32 03/08/2017 (Views: 57)

    BTO – The threat of avian flu is now put on high alertand causes heavy losses to livestock breeders, following several reports of infected bird flu cases in 11 communes of 7 provinces for less than 21 days, according to the Department of Aminal Health, (DAH), Ministry of Agriculture and Rural development (MARD).  Some of those infected bird flu provinces are neighbors of Binh Thuan province.

  • Three  more long-lived persons in Binh Thuan

    Updated at 15:44:26 02/10/2017 (Views: 1898)

    BTO - Recently, Vice Chairman of Binh Thuan People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Hoa has sent an additional list to the Presiden’s office to grant  long-lived greeting cards for 100-year-old persons in Binh Thuan.

  • One more Phan Thiet – Sai Gon train couple

    Updated at 08:11:23 01/21/2017 (Views: 1905)

    BTO- Besides the couple of trains  SPT2/SPT1 daily runing Sai Gon – Phan Thiet, Vietnam Railway Corporation has made decision to increase one more Sai Gon – Phan Thiet train couple SPT3/ SPT4 to meet passengers’ travel demand, on lunar New year’s days (January 26 – 31).

  • Phan Thiet city decorated to welcome the new spring

    Updated at 16:38:05 01/19/2017 (Views: 114)

    BTO - On these days, Binh Thuan Environmental Urban Service Joint Stock Company is actively giving gentrification around the Phan Thiet city’s streets.

  • Provincial leader pays Tet visit to 3 upland communes

    Updated at 16:39:56 01/18/2017 (Views: 1891)

    BTO - Binh Thuan Cabinet Chief Nguyen Thanh Tam has paid Tet visit and presented gifts to 3 upland communes (La  Da, Dong Giang, Dong Tien), military and police agencies in Ham Thuan Bac district.

  • Vietnamese commodities “return” Mountainous areas ahead of Tet

    Updated at 14:36:40 01/11/2017 (Views: 107)

    BTO – Binh Thuan Trading JSC has lately launched plans to sell “Tet” goods in several mountainous areas of Binh Thuan for the purpose of meeting the shopping demands of a variety of people in outskirts.

  • Donating more than 10 billion VND to the poor

    Updated at 15:16:25 01/05/2017 (Views: 1903)

    BTO - In 2016, the fund “For the poor” received more than 10,7 billion VND (near VND 2 billion at district level and 8,7 billion VND at commune level), by 133.9 percent of the yearly plan

  • 100 Tet gifts in favor of poor households in Thuan Hoa

    Updated at 14:34:31 01/05/2017 (Views: 1881)

    BTO –Binh Thuan Customs Sub Department (under the Department of Customs of Dong Nai province) in partnership with the Vietnam Fatherland Font Committee has visited and offered some 100 presents to the poor in Thuan Hoa commune – Ham Thuan Bac district as the Lunar New Year is coming soon.

  • Legal propaganda for ethnic minorities

    Updated at 10:25:19 01/04/2017 (Views: 1912)

    BTO - Project 165 in the period 2013 – 2016, dissemination of the Party and State's policies to people in the rural and ethnic minority zones has been implemented by Binh Thuan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, relative agencies.

  • Binh Thuan’s proposal to support seeds to overcome natural disaster

    Updated at 15:48:38 01/03/2017 (Views: 1990)

    BTO - In the end of September and the beginning of October 2016, there were different types of rain lasting several days in Binh Thuan such as  light rain, drizzle, heavy rain… due to the effects of tropical depression.

  • Right Rich to give USD 20,000  to Study Encouragement Fund

    Updated at 07:42:58 12/30/2016 (Views: 1895)

    BTO - As planned, leader of Binh Thuan People’s Committee  will welcome delegation of Right Rich International Co., Ltd (Ham Kiem II industrial zone) giving USD 20,000  to Binh Thuan study Encouragement Fund, on January 13, 2017.

  • Dissemination of law on water resources

    Updated at 14:58:40 12/29/2016 (Views: 1895)

    BTO - Binh Thuan Department of natural resources and environment has disseminated law on water resources, law of hydrometeorology for coastal resorts, titanium mining enterprises, farms, seafood processing companies.

Nearly 1,300 projects invested in Binh Thuan in the first 4 months

BTO – According to the Department of Investment and Planning, Binh Thuan has as many as 1,281 effective projects, worth totally VND 233,675 billion, getting approvals since the beginning of this year.

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Vietnamese taekwondo fighters win golds at Kazakhstan Open

Vietnam wrapped up the Kazakhstan Open Taekwondo Championships - a World Taekwondo Federation G1 event - with five gold medals on April 24.

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2,600 sets of insecticide-treated mosquito nets delivered to residents in malaria-affected Tanh Linh

BTO- The Malaria - Goiter Control Center has recently distributed a plus of 2,000 sets of insecticide-treated mosquito nets in prevention of malaria for residents in Suoi Kiet commune (Tanh Linh district). The mosquito nets were dipped in medicals, specializing in minimize the risk of mosquito contact with mosquito net-users.

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