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Coastal road DT

Coastal road DT.719B Phan Thiet –Ke Ga, a promising project to boost socioeconomic development of the southern region

BTO- The provincial People’s Council, on recently meeting session, has officially approved the investment project of coastal road from Phan Thiet to Ke Ga (DT719B). This project is expected to give a new driving power to socioeconomic development in the southern region of Binh Thuan province.

Binh Thuan is located on a favorable position as a gateway for economic connection of the Southeastern, the South central regions and the central highlands. Over the past years, the locality has gained remarkable achievements on the fields of economics, society and infrastructure construction. Many residential areas have formed and the coastal tourism urban area, which has a synchronous and modern infrastructure network, has become a highlight for Phan Thiet city’s inlying area. The project of building the costal route DT719B, section Phan Thiet-Ke Ga has been one of 17 new routes that are essential for the transportation planning  of Binh Thuan province by 2020, with a vision until  2030 according to the approval of the  provincial People Committee. The route will help build Binh Thuan as a civilized and modern province towards an industrialized and tourism-based locality. At the same time, the additionl road is expected to meet increasing demand for traveling of people in the region, create linkages between tourist destinations, and especially play as an important role in reducing traffic congestion on National Highway 1A.

Under the planning to develop public transport network of Binh Thuan province by 2020, with a vision until 2030, the would-be road DT719B, which runs in parallel with the existing road of DT719, with an average distance of about 1.5-3 kilometers, will connect the national highway with Tien Thanh area, contributing to promoting the values of land fund along the road and boosting investment attraction.

The road DT719B, which covers a total length of  about 25.6 km with a total investment capital of VND 999 billion, has a roadbed of 28 meters, surface of 16 meters, a median strip of 11 meters, and two  5-meter roadsides.

As planned, compensation work will take about 240 days  (from April-December, 2020). Currently, the central budget has earmarked a preliminary fund of VND 40 billion for period 2016-2020.

The biggest and most positive impact of this project on social environment in the region is expected to come from changes on economics and industry structures, which will help improve income  and living standards of the local people, especially in the communes of Tien Thanh (Phan Thiet City), Ham My, Thuan Quy, and Tan Thanh (Ham Thuan Nam district).

According to Chairman Nguyen Ngoc Hai, the provincial People’s Committee  has directed functional departments and agencies to carry out the following steps of this project as stipulated.

As reported, DT719B is a project listed in Group C and invested by Department of Transport. Apart from the central budget’s fund, the other sources will get from revenue of the exploitation of land fund along this road.

Translated by Phuong Lan (Source: Binh Thuan Newspaper)


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