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Binh Thuan to boost investments

Binh Thuan to boost investments in infrastructure and attraction of secondary projects to industrial clusters

BTO - According to the Industrial cluster Development Plan, there is a total of 36 industrial clusters in Binh Thuan, most concentrated in the following districts of Duc Linh (7 clusters), Ham Tan (5 clusters), Tanh Linh (4 clusters). ), La Gi (4 clusters), Bac Binh (4 clusters), and Ham Thuan Bac (4 clusters). In the first half of 2021, the Provincial People's Committee issued a decision to establish an additional Nam Ha 3 industrial cluster, and at the same time adjusted the decision to establish Dong Ha and Nghi Duc industrial clusters. So far, the province has 28/36 industrial clusters established, of which 16 clusters have infrastructure investors as enterprises.

Implement investment in infrastructure items of an industrial cluster in Duc Linh district.

Under monitoring, 15 industrial clusters’ infrastructures have been under construction and gradually created space to arrange investment projects, contributing to create jobs, increase local budget revenue. Up to now, about two-thirds of the industrial clusters according to the development plan have attracted and arranged more than 170 investment projects, participated in creating jobs for about 8,200 employees, according to the Department of Industry and Trade.

However, due to the recent impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the investment in infrastructure construction, as well as secondary projects attraction to industrial clusters in the province, faced many difficulties. Therefore, in the first half of this year, the construction of infrastructure for industrial clusters mainly focused on expenditures on documentation, compensation, and site clearance, ground leveling, investment in a number of items, etc. At the same time, the locality has only attracted 2 projects, namely a fish sauce factory in Phu Hai industrial cluster (Phan Thiet city) and a concrete factory in Nam Ha 2 industrial cluster (Duc Linh) with a total investment capital of VND 53 billion.


In fact, when industrial clusters are interested in investors, speeding up the construction progress and completing the infrastructure soon, will create favorable conditions and competitiveness in attracting secondary projects. The locality still records many cases of investors coming to learn and proceed to register for the project despite facing difficulties from the beginning of 2021 until now. These include the project of a wood processing factory at Ham Soi - Vo Xu Industrial Cluster (Duc Linh), a plywood factory at Sung Nhon Industrial Cluster (Duc Linh). Or such as a project to produce leather bags, purses, and belts at Nghi Duc Industrial Cluster (Tanh Linh), a packaging factory in Luong Son Industrial Cluster (Bac Binh), etc.

In order to speed up investment in industrial clusters, the Department of Industry and Trade will focus on urging the implementation of infrastructure construction for clusters such as Nam Ha, Nam Ha 2, Dong Ha (Duc Linh), Nghia Hoa (Ham Tan). ), Tan Binh 1 (La Gi). Next, it also strengthens the work of calling for investment, including building infrastructure and attracting the filling of secondary projects, reviewing cases of investment in industrial clusters that are still slow or unable to be implemented to report to the Provincial People's Committee. In the remaining months of this year, the industry also coordinated with the Department of Planning and Investment, local authorities, and consulting units to continue reviewing, building industrial cluster development plans, and integrating into the Binh Thuan Provincial Planning Favorable period 2021 - 2030.

Translated by Uyen Linh (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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