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Maintaining the Party

Maintaining the Party’s nature of Vietnamese Revolutionary Press

BTO - On June 21, 1925, Thanh Nien (Youth) newspaper, founded by leader Nguyen Ai Quoc, made its debut for the initial number, marking the birth of the Vietnamese Revolutionary Press (VRP). Since then, the VRP has always been attached to and accompanied by the cause of the Party and the Nation. Under the leadership of the Party, the VRP is indispensable to serve the interests of the revolution, serve the Fatherland, and serve the people. This basic principle ensures the Party’s role in the run of the press that the press agencies and journalists must always uphold.

 The debut of Thanh Nien newspaper has been considered as a bridge to connect The Party and State with the people; a major means for the propaganda on socioeconomic development, the construction of Party and Political systems; and a forum of the people who want to participate in the Party building and social management. 

On February 5, 1985, the Party Central Committee's Secretariat issued Decision No. 52-QD/TW on choosing June 21 yearly as the Vietnamese Press Day to enhance the role and social responsibility of the press, tighten up the relationship between the press and the public, and strengthen the Party's leadership over the press.

On the 75th anniversary of Vietnam Press Day (June 21, 1925 - 2000), the Politburo and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) agreed to rename Vietnam Press Day into Vietnamese Revolutionary Press Day. On June 21, 2020, the day Vietnam Revolutionary Press welcomed its 95 years of anniversary.

Over the past 95 years from the date of first publication, the Vietnamese press has rapidly developed in terms of quantity and quality, forming a mass media such as: news, press, radio and television systems throughout the country. In the fight against corruption, negative and social evils, the press nationwide has promoted the role of pioneer, clearly demonstrating people's observational function. The content of the press is increasingly rich, effective, good-looking, lively and attractive. Thanks to the reforms initiated and led by the Party, the press has gained a great leap in quality and quantity.

From some dozens of press agencies on the first day of the Revolutionary Victory, there have been hundreds of press agencies, press publications, 2 national radio and television stations, more than a dozen regional radios and television stations, 63 radio and television stations throughout provinces and cities.

Presenting the Press Award for building the Party Committee of Binh Thuan Province in 2018 (Red Flag Award).

The line-ups of e-press, online press have sharply grown with the intensification of internet service providers, creating a vibrant e-press information network that attracts millions of daily bedizens. Along with the strong development of the press, the journalist staff has rapidly matured. Hitherto, there are about 15,000 members of Vietnam Journalist Association across the country. The journalists themselves are the ones who have brought the press into reality of life. They have discovered, introduced and promoted new economic models, new ways of doing business, new factors, good characters and good deeds; clearly showing the viewpoint of protecting and promoting the national identity and traditions, propagating and encouraging the entire people to selectively promote the advanced culture of countries in the world, contributing to raising the people's intellectual standards, preventing bad culture from entering Vietnam. The press has organized various activities to arouse and turn many social welfare and charity activities into a general movement of the whole society.

Nowadays, Although Vietnam has claimed great achievements and comprehensive development that appreciated by domestic and international friends, the revolutionary career may face to many challenges.

The role of revolutionary press has become more and more important in propagating and disseminating the Party’s and State’s  guidelines, laws, and policies; in promoting ownerships, protecting the legitimate interests of the people; in building Vietnamese culture and people, promoting the great unity bloc of the entire nation; in cheering, honoring goodness, beauty, and advance; in condemning the evils; and in fighting against the bureaucracy, corruption, wastefulness, stagnation, etc. and all that harm the national benefits.

In particular, the Vietnamese revolutionary press must maintain its Party’s nature, because this is the most essential in Ho Chi Minh's thought about the Vietnamese revolutionary journalism, a basis to distinguish revolutionary newspapers from counter-revolutionary press.

Ho Chi Minh President believed that Press is only politically correct when it is led by a party on a basic of Marxism – Leninism. A party must have the nature of the working class and close attachment to the nation and the people. He always emphasized: Who does the press serve? Behind his instructions: Our press must serve the labors, serve the struggle for national liberation, national unity, building socialism, and world peace as the principle. The party must lead the press. He affirmed an immutable principle of "The Central Executive Committee must control the Party's press to avoid technical and political shortcomings. “Accordingly, Our press is not for a few people to read, but it serves the whole people, propagates and explains the guidelines and policies of the Party and the Government and fighting spirit”, he asked. “The value of Ho Chi Minh's thought on the Party’s nature of the Vietnamese revolutionary press is still intact and is clearly reflected in the relationship between the press and the politics, in the task of propagating the guidelines and the viewpoints of the Party to all strata of people, contributing to the successful implementation of the renovation and development of the country towards: "Rich people, strong country, fair, democratic and civilized society”.

Vietnamese revolutionary press has experienced 95 years with radiant tradition, which teaches the nowadays journalists’ responsibility and stuff. To reach such tradition, the press must create a consensus and more intense beliefs for the society. Therefore, whatever they write, praise or criticize, whether reflecting good or bad, must be for the sake of the community, the nation’s the interests, avoiding losing the people’s faith. In all its activities, the press agencies and the journalist staff must always keep President Ho Chi Minh's teaching in minds: The press’s operation is for the revolution, for the Party, for the people. Those are purposes, conditions and moral standards in journalism activities; it is also the Party's nature in journalism, the expression of the media's loyalty to the Party, and the dedication of the press to the Party's great cause. "Therefore, the revolutionary Vietnamese Press must always affirm and maintain its Party’s nature.

Translated by Ul (Source: Binh Thuan Newspaper)  

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