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Covid-19 fight

Covid-19 fight: “None of Phan Thiet dwellers face food or clothing deprivation”

BTO - Almost a month away since the date Phan Thiet city has been imposed Directive No.16 of the Prime Minister. Everything has changed, everyone has to live differently, many routines have to give up, daily livelihoods must be shelved, the first priority is pandemic prevention. The tourist city seems to be hibernating right in the middle of the summer tourist peak season. The parks, streets, beaches, deserted sand dunes without a trace. All the hotels, restaurants, and resorts are closed. Everyone seems to slow down their lives, except for the epidemic prevention force, who are still silently working day and night, hustling to do their job.

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Most of the local citizens are full aware of the deadly danger from the Delta virant of Coronavirus. They agree and strictly observe social distancing. As a result, very few people go outside, small businesses, markets, and shops closed at the same time, all non-essential services stopped working.

As well as implementing the Directive 16, Phan Thiet city government has planned to prepare food to ensure people's lives. The markets, supermarkets, and convenience stores are still run, and goods are profuse. After the initial confusion, people now believe that there is no shortage of essential goods for the city during the quarantine.

Besides the fear of the epidemic, there are worries about livelihoods, jobs, income, and life in the coming days. The stricter and longer the social distance, the more difficult it will be for the free business, disadvantaged, and poor groups. Daily works must stop, but accommodation, electricity, water, telecommunications, and daily necessities fee have to be paid.

Therefore, in order for city people to stay safe at home to prevent the epidemic, the government needs to immediately disburse the amount of support for groups affected by the Covid-19 pandemic according to Government's Decree 68 (while fighting the drastic pandemic, it should not be to perfectionists - NV) so that people can have money to afford essential necessities.

At the same time, the policy of reducing electricity, water and telecommunications charges for citizens in provinces and cities under Directive 16/CP of the government is quickly implemented.

A few weeks ago, Phan Thiet extracted from the "For the Poor" Fund of the city to support 418 poor households and 753 near-poor households about 1 million VND each.

This is the time to promote the spirit of solidarity, mutual affection, mobilize resources for socialization, unions, associations, and volunteer groups. All of them work together to help poor households, difficult workers, and those who are not eligible for support under Decree 68/CP. Promoting the tradition of "good leaves cover torn leaves", all people are willing to join hands with the government to take care of social security.

Previously, the people of Phu Quy island district sent more than 1 ton of goods including fresh fish, dried fish, scallops to Phan Thiet people. Binh Thuan Provincial Youth Union mobilized from sponsors a shipment of rice, vegetables, fruits, fish sauce, eggs, cash to give to  Phan Thiet citizens.

Social security ensuring does not only ensure security and order but is also effective against the epidemic. Therefore, in the recent Official Dispatch, the Prime Minister asked localities to organize the provision of enough food for all poor workers, losing income, no longer having reserves, "no citizen has to be deprived of food and clothing”.

Translated by Uyen Linh (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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