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Binh Thuan welcomes the year 202

Binh Thuan welcomes a new year with new hope

BTO- The turbulent year of 2020 has passed, it can be said that 2020 is a year when Covid-19 virus is "dominant" the entire world. Binh Thuan also has suffered certain difficulties from the "catastrophe" of humanity. However, thanks to the wise and effective management and administration of the committees and authorities from the province to the grassroots level, above all, it is still the outstanding, dynamic, and creative efforts of the entire local people, the business community, and the entire political system of the province. As a result, by the end of 2020, Binh Thuan has basically completed the "dual" goal of fighting against epidemic and ensuring the economic development target of the province.

Overcoming difficulties...

Basing on the local socio-economic situation, national defense, and security in 2020, the province’s economy posted much positive growth; Specifically, its growth rate of the gross domestic product in the province is higher than the national average (4.5%), ensuring the realization of the "dual" goal to both promote socio-economic development and effective prevention against Covid-19 pandemic. Industrial production continued to grow. Production of exploitation, aquaculture, and production of shrimp seed remained stable. The prevention of diseases on plants and animals has been strengthened. The management and protection of forests and protection of aquatic resources are concentrated and directed. New rural construction has achieved good results. Comprehensive support policies for the development of people living, socio-economic in ethnic minority areas are promptly implemented. Commercial activities were stable, meeting well the needs of production and consumption of the people, especially during the time of social gap to prevent Covid-19 epidemic. State budget collection reached 94% of the estimate. The review and removal of difficulties and problems in compensation and site clearance, speeding up the implementation progress of works and projects, especially key and urgent projects, are concentrated and directed. The disbursement of public investment has achieved progressive results. The quality of comprehensive education in the 2019-2020 school year continues to improve; The rate of students passing the high school exam is high (99.09%). The rate of universal health insurance coverage reaches 86.4%. Policies on social welfare and welfare for the people are fully and promptly implemented. The review and formulation of planning types are concentrated and directed. Administrative procedure reform and judicial reform continue to be focused. The inspection and handling of violations in terms of minerals, environment, land, and construction, etc have made many efforts. Military and defense work has been strengthened. The political security, social order, and safety in the province have basically been maintained, with clear changes. Road traffic accidents decreased on all 3 criteria.

Recognizing correctly disadvantages 

Besides achieving results, Binh Thuan must admit completely that the growth quality, competitiveness, and scale of the economy have not developed strongly. The productivity and quality of products and goods are not high; socio-economic infrastructure lacks synchronization. In addition, the development of investment resources is still limited, the work of planning and mobilizing using resources is not effectively. Investment is still spread, state management of enterprises in some aspects is still limited, the implementation of the function of the owner for state-owned enterprises is still inadequate; Economic growth still relies heavily on broad-based development factors, shifting to in-depth development slowly. Moreover, the increase in the impact of climate change and natural disasters is increasingly complicated and unpredictable.

Focusing strongly on the development of 3 main points

The year 2021 is the first year of implementing the 5-year plan 2021 - 2026. With the identified advantages and disadvantages; especially in the spirit of the Resolution of the Party Congress of Binh Thuan province for the term 2020 - 2025, the whole province will focus strongly on developing three main points: Industry (energy, processing), Marine tourism and marine sport, and High-tech agriculture. Accordingly, all levels, branches, and localities in the province will focus on leading and directing the synchronous and effective implementation of tasks and solutions to continue innovating the growth and improvement model, improving the quality, labor productivity, and economic competitiveness. For the industry - construction sector, the province will increase investment promotion, prioritize the selection of investors with financial capacity and experience. Encourage the development of post-harvest preservation and processing industries in the direction of increasing products with scientific and technological content and added value, especially the processing industry of agriculture, forestry, fisheries, and other advantages products of the province. Controlling strictly environmental pollution sources, especially livestock projects, titanium exploitation, seafood processing, and operation of coal-fired power plants at Vinh Tan Power Center. Moving on supporting, urging, and speeding up the construction of infrastructure of industrial zones, industrial clusters, works, power projects, especially wind power projects, gas power, solar power, and electricity transmission. Promoting the efficiency of Vinh Tan International Port in association with the development of logistics services. Focusing on directing and speeding up the implementation progress of key projects of the province. In the field of tourism, trade, and service, the province continues to promote advertising and tourism promotion; focuses on doing well programs to stimulate domestic tourism; creates conditions and encourage businesses to invest in improving the quality of accommodation services. Diversifying tourism products and services to well serve the needs of tourists. Urging to accelerate the implementation of large-scale tourism projects, tourism - trade - service complexes to create a driving force for tourism development of the province. Completing urgently the documents and procedures for making the general planning project of Mui Ne national tourist area and submit it to competent authorities for approval for implementation. In the agricultural sector, solutions for agricultural restructuring will be implemented synchronously and effectively, focusing on developing high-tech agriculture, linking production along the value chain. Speeding up the implementation of the Ka Pét irrigation reservoir project. Taking proactive measures to prevent drought for the dry season in 2021, ensuring water for production and daily life for local people.

Coming to the new year 2021, following specific and appropriate solutions, the Government support, the coordination of ministries and central branches, the determination of the entire political system, the unanimity of all classes of people, and the response of the business community Binh Thuan surely will achieve the highest results in all aspects of life - society, thereby contributing to the general province's development in the near future. Binh Thuan, welcome the new year 2021, welcome a new victory!

Translated by Uyen Linh (Source: BInh Thuan Newspaper)

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