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Binh Thuan to eradicate Covid-19

Binh Thuan to eradicate Covid-19 cluster

BTO – The south coastal province of Binh Thuan has recorded no fresh Coivd-19 cases for 38 days in a row, reported by the provincial Steering committee for Covid-19 prevention and control.

All 9 out of 9 patients of Covid-19 in Binh Thuan have fully recovered. For 38 consecutive days, the locality has recorded no fresh infection cases while the covid-19 clusters related to Patient No.34 had been wiped out. A total of 356 cases have accomplished mandatory quarantine with negative testing results with Sars-CoV-2.

Since the first case of Covid-19 confirmed in Binh Thuan (on March 10th), the province has then reported eight more Covid-19 cases, whose had close contact with the first case of Binh Thuan (or the 34th case of Vietnam, Patient No.34). After such difficult time, the whole province has fast-tracked conducts a number of measures in an effort to fight against the epidemic such as: Timely investigating epidemiology, localizing high-risk pathogen, conducting mandatory and concentrated quarantine areas, and disinfecting all 18 wards/communes in the city. 

Additionally, Binh Thuan has set up 8 checkpoints across the province to check health conditions for people from outside province when they come in. With determination and unanimity of the entire Party, forces and the people, the locality has so far seen no new Covid-19 infections and no covid-19 patients. The province has seriously abided by the Government’s social distancing order.

Vice Chairman of the provincial people’s Committee Nguyen Duc Hoa confirmed the fruitful of out ultimate effort in the combat against Covid-19. However, he reminded localities not to be subjective, heedless, self-comfortable, requesting that all organizations, units and individuals must pay high-leveled attention to lock down all the risks of pathogens from outside, absolutely snuffing out the outbreak.

On the other hand, Binh Thuan has recently proposed the Prime Minister to cross out Binh Thuan from the list of 12 high-risk localities of Covid-19 infection so that we can gradually ramp up the socioeconomic development.

Translated by My Thien (Source: Binh Thuangov.vn)

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