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Binh Thuan gathers all resources to attract investments 

BTO - Binh Thuan is pushing and attracting its public investment and social resources to invest in technical infrastructure, including digital infrastructure. At the same time, the province is increasing research and application of advanced sciences and technologies to product development and improve people's lives. This is one of the breakthrough stages set by the 14th provincial Party Congress’s Resolution, term 2020 - 2025. To successfully implement this breakthrough, the entire political system must focus on implementing synchronous solutions to attract resources for development investment

Resolution of the 15th Provincial Party Committee's Congress, term 2020 – 2025 has appraised the attraction of resources for investment development of the province in the period 2015 – 2020, which has achieved some encouraging results. Accordingly, in order to strongly attract all resources to serve the investment development of the province, the province has focused on reviewing, adjusting, and supplementing the planning, gradually removing overlaps in the planning; linking regional planning with industrial planning, creating relevance, foresight, publicity, transparency, meeting the requirements of management, attracting investment, exploiting and promoting better potentials and benefits position of the province. The review and removal of difficulties and problems for enterprises are gradually concerned.

The competitiveness index at the provincial level is increased. Activities of investment promotion and improvement of the investment and business environment are focused on implementation direction, investment attraction results are quite good; in which, investment attraction from the private economic sector increasingly accounts for a large proportion of the total social investment capital. Essential socio-economic infrastructure systems continue to be built in a synchronous direction, especially transportation, electricity production, and transmission. Many completed projects have used that brought into full play, promoting socio-economic development, improving the face of urban and rural areas in the province ...

Senior Lieutenant General Tran Don - Deputy Minister of National Defense surveyed Phan Thiet airport

 In addition to the achieved results, in general, the planning work of a number of branches, fields, and localities is still slow and inconsistent. The zoning for exploration and exploitation of titanium ore, development of tourism, electricity, planning for the development of three types of forests ... are overlapping, causing difficulties in management, investment attraction, and projects implementation. The mobilization of resources for development investment has not met the set plan; has not attracted many investors with great financial potential and capacity. The results of implementing the policy of socialization in investing in health, education, culture, and sports are limited. The socio-economic infrastructure system has not kept up with the speed of development. The province's external transport system is still unstable. Many difficulties and problems in site clearance for the implementation of works and projects have been slowly removed; There are still many projects and works that have been approved for investment but are slow to be implemented, especially in the field of tourism.

Inheriting and promoting the achievements, with the recognition and close assessment of the limitations and difficulties of the previous term in attracting resources for development investment, Resolution of the 14th Congress of the Provincial Party Committee, term 2020 - 2025 has set out tasks and solutions in the new term to strengthen the work of attracting resources for development investment of the province. Accordingly, the province needs to actively coordinate with the ministries and central branches in solving difficulties and problems in overlapping planning, especially titanium planning; speeding up the progress, and clearing ground for works invested by ministries and central branches. Whilst, it is proposed to the Central Government to invest in inter-regional traffic, such as complete the North-South expressway (to the east) as soon as possible, expand national highway 28B and national highway 55,  complete investment in Phan Thiet airport, create an East-West economic corridor connecting with the Southeast, Central Highlands, and South Central regions. Especially, public investment capital sources through construction and good implementation of medium-term and long-term development investment plans must be used in the highest efficiency. Investing with focus, key, giving priority to infrastructure works, urgent works in order to promote investment efficiency, create a driving force for socio-economic development. Actively create a land fund to arrange resettlement for people to speed up site clearance, construction of key projects, and implementation of investment projects in the province. Improve the quality of state management in the field of investment and capital construction. Besides, develop, manage and effectively implement the provincial planning period 2021-2030 with a vision to 2050. Strengthen the planning of development orientations and policies of the region and each locality in the province. Mobilize and rationally and effectively use resources; to develop comprehensively, constantly improve people's lives, strive to become an address with a strong attraction to large investment sources, making Binh Thuan province develop quickly and sustainably, etc.

Translated by Uyen Linh (Source: Binh Thuan Newspaper)

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