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Binh Thuan Association of AO vic

Binh Thuan Association of AO victims awarded certificate of merit by PM

BTO- The provincial Association for victims of Agent Orange (AO)/Dioxin lately held a  conference to summarize 10 years of implementing the emulation movement “For victims of AO/Dioxin and campaign “Join hands to ease the pain of Agent Orange” period 2009-2019. 

The event had the attendance of vice chairman of the provincial people’s Committee Nguyen Duc Hoa, leaders of departments/branches/agencies, as well as members of the association.

Over the past years, the provincial Association for victims of AO/Dioxin has organized and launched many programs to assist its members to celebrate Tet holiday and honor examplary members in overcoming difficulties for better life.

Speaking at the conference, vice chairman Nguyen Duc Hoa highly appreciated combined efforts of the association, the solidarity and determination of AO victims to earn living and integrate into the society. He asked the associations at all levels to continue practical programs in support of AO victims, actively mobilize enterprises, organizations and the whole society to care and help AO victims. At the same time, he suggested the provincial association to organize activities and programs to contribute to the campaign and the fight for justice for AO victims.

On that occasion, Mr, Nguyen Duc Hoa called on organizations, agencies,individuals inside and outside Binh Thuan province to join efforts and focus all resources on surmounting the consequences of war.

Reportedly, the campaign “Join hands to ease the pain of Agent Orange” has been responded by associations at all levels, local residents, domestic and international organizations via the provincial fund “Care for AO victims”. In the past 10 years, the fund has received nearly VND 40 billion for caring and helping hundreds of AO victims in many forms. In particular, the associations built 189 houses of compassion for families of AO victims, gave allowance to 420 members with extremely difficult circumstances, presented 443 scholarships to chidren of Ao victims, gave free health check-ups and medicine to 3,720 turns of patients. The total costs of those charitable activities is estimated at VND 38.12 billion.

On that occasion, the provincial Association had the honor to be rewarded certificate of merit by the Prime Minister while the provincial People’s Committee granted certificates of merit to 3 units and 15 persons with noteworthy achievements and contributions to the association’s work over the past time. The Vietnam Association for victims of Agent Orange/Dioxin also gave certificates of merits to 3 uniuts and 2 individuals in Binh Thuan.

Translated by Phuong Lan (Source: Binh Thuan Newspaper)

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