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Amid Covid-19 pandemic

Amid Covid-19 pandemic, put your full faith upon the CPV

BTO - As the Covid-19 outbreak has so far spread and heavily affected on humanity, including our dear Vietnamese people. However, we are not so confused and worried because the Communist Party of Vietnam (CPV) has attached much importance to prioritizing the community’s healthcare and protection since long time ago. Thereby, please put all your full faith to the CPV amid coronavirus pandemic because it is known that fighting the Covid-19 is Vietnam’s current top priority.

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Under the Resolution No. 20-NQ/TW dated October 25th, 2017 of the Central Executive Committee (12th Session) on strengthening the people’s healthcare, protection and improvement in the current situation, stating clearly that: Health is the most valuable asset of every citizen and of the whole society. Protecting, caring and enhancing people’s health are obligation and responsibility of each citizen, of the entire political system and the society. It requires the active participation of the political levels, Government, Fatherland Front committees, unions, functional agencies, especially the health sector, considered as the core forces in the Covid-19 fight.

For the prevention and fight against the epidemic, functional agencies have to ensure medical security, improve and enhance the effectiveness of disease prevention and control, preventing major epidemic from occurring in the our country. In the meantime, domestic resources for disease prevention shall be reinforced in preparation for timely response to the emergency situations. It is necessary to conduct synchronously prevention and control of non-communicable diseases; attaching importance to prevention, improving screening capacity to early detect and control the diseases; promoting management and treatment of non-communicable diseases, chronic diseases, and long-term care at grassroots healthcare facilities.

In the light of Covid-19 pandemic, Binh Thuan recorded the first case tested positive with Sars-Cov-2 on March 10th, 2020. The province’s Covid-19 Prevention and Control steering committee had promptly held an emergency meeting to deploy essential measures to dominate the outbreak. All related persons have been then quarantined.

At an urgent meeting at 8.30PM on March 10th, Chairman of the provincial people’s committee Nguyen Ngoc Hai urged the authorities at all levels to strengthen propaganda, especially the complex developments of Covid-19 epidemic, calling upon the people not to be panic. Not only the Health sector, but also the whole political systems put all efforts in the fight against coronavirus.

Chairman Hai also requested the administrations and localities take charge of ensuring medical facilities and essential commodities for the people. People are asked to take care of their health under the health sector’s guidance, do not as worried about the epidemic as it is under the government’s control.

Taking a look from Binh Thuan to a little bit wider to the whole country, it is definitely confirmed that Vietnam, which is the country affected by Covid-19 pandemic lower than other countries in Europe, Western Asia, including the USA. Thanks to joint effort and unity of the CPV, the whole forces, people and political system, all necessary measures are deployed to keep people secure and protected from the disease.

Up to date, almost all of Covid-19 infection cases in Vietnam are being cured and strictly monitored without any death cases. All suspected-infected individuals have been quarantined at several military barracks. Residential areas have been sprayed with disinfectants for the sake of the community.

At Son Loi commune (Vinh Phuc province), the locality has no longer found any new Covid-19 infection cases after 21 days of quarantine. Additionally, the residents living in Truc Bach can be stabilized their normal lives thanks to the great care of the Party and the State during the pandemic.

Consistently, specific actions and most practical care have so far proved that the Party and State are always side by side with the people, taking care of everyone at everywhere and every time, especially in the event of current Covid-19 pandemic. Binh Thuan province and the whole country will definitely overcome and gain victory in the combat against Covid-19. Therefore, all the people do put your faithful upon the Party in such difficult situation of pandemic.

Translated by My Thien (Source: Editor-in-Chief of Binh Thuan Newspaper)

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