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Dear fellow, comrades, and soldiers of Binh Thuan province

BTO - The sacred moment of New Year's Eve to welcome the new year of the Ox has reached the point, I respectfully send best wishes to all the people, comrades, and soldiers of the province.

The year 2020 has passed with many difficulties and challenges. However, with the efforts of the whole political system, the unanimity of the business community, and the people in the province, we have overcome difficulties and successfully implemented the "dual" goal set by the Government. Those are the prevention of Covid -19 epidemic while making socio-economic development. The economy kept its development momentum with the GRDP growth rate reaching 4.54%, higher than the national growth rate. Budget revenue exceeded the set plan. The People's lives continued to be improved. Policies on social welfare are fully and promptly implemented, including policies for employees directly affected by the Covid-19. Political security, social order, and safety in the province have basically been maintained.

The Party Congress at the grassroots levels, at higher levels, and the 14th Provincial Party Committee's Congress, was successful, creating a new atmosphere of excitement, belief, and motivation among cadres, party members, and people. These results are very significant, creating a premise for Binh Thuan province to continue developing faster, more sustainable, and stronger in the coming years.

Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Duong Van An.

Dear fellow, comrades, and soldiers of the Binh Thuan province

We are moving to the new year amid a resurgence of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many difficulties and challenges are still ahead. However, the successes of 2020 and the 13th National Congress of the Party has created new belief and motivation for us to confidently and steadily overcome these challenges. Under the transparent leadership of the Party, the drastic determination of the Government, the Party committees, and local governments; Especially with the consensus of the people, we believe that it will prevent the Covid-19 epidemic, and foster the provincial socioeconomic development with better results than 2020.

Binh Thuan province is facing many new opportunities for stronger development. The North-south expressway through the province has started; the Phan Thiet airport is completing a number of procedures for early construction. Previous difficulties and challenges such as hot weather and wind for long hours are becoming potential and advantages for the development of renewable energy. The drought has been gradually resolved; Many investments in the construction of the system of lakes, dams, and irrigation canals will improve the ability to supply water for production and daily life for the people. Binh Thuan is becoming an attractive destination, attracting large domestic and international investors ...

In order to promote potentials, raise positions and take advantage of new opportunities, I call on all officials, party members, and people in the province to strengthen solidarity, join forces, unanimously promote patriotism, striving to overcome all difficulties and challenges, constantly innovating, determined to bring the province to a fast, sustainable, strong development in marine economy, energy and tourism; People's lives are constantly being improved.

During the sacred New Year's Eve, the house is reunited on behalf of the Provincial Party Committee, People's Council, People's Committee, Vietnam Fatherland Front Committee of the province, I respectfully wish the people, comrades, and soldiers of the province healthy, happy, and prosperous in the New Year of The Ox 2021.

Happy New Year, Happy our glorious Party, Happy the homeland, Happy the reformed and developed Viet Nam!

Translated by Uyen Linh (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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