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Phan Thiet City determines to ga

Phan Thiet City determines to gain back hustle life

BTO - After 1 week of implementing a number of urgent measures on preventing the Covid-19 pandemic under Directive No. 15 in Phan Thiet city, Up to this time, the city government has determined and taken the initiative in options, scenarios in all situations. With the highest determinations, the municipal authorities are striving for pushing back the epidemic and bringing citizens' life back to normal.

The epidemic control checkpoint on Dang Van Lanh - Truong Chinh street

The epidemic is basically under control

According to latest reports, on the early days of September, Phan Thiet city started implementing Directive 15. Since then, a lot of people started moving on the streets,  many shops have opened, but all have the awareness of epidemic prevention. Ms. Le Thi Hong Phuc at Phu Thuy ward excitedly shared: “I am very excited when the city controls and prevents the spread of the pandemic. However, my family is not subjective, strictly abides by the epidemic prevention regulations, does not leave the house when it is not necessary."

According to Mr. Phan Nguyen Hoang Tan - Chairman of the City People's Committee, after over a month of implementing Directive No. 16 of the Prime Minister, the situation of Covid-19 epidemic in the area is basically under control. Therefore, in order to both promote the economy and implement epidemic prevention, from September 8, Phan Thiet city has imposed social distancing as prescribed in Directive 15 of the Prime Minister and strengthens a number of urgent measures on the Covid-19 prevention and control.

Besides, Phan Thiet city also launched the community-wide SARS-CoV-2 screening tests in the city to promptly isolate F0 (known as Covid-19 patients) from the community. At the same time, localities have directed to carry out zoning assessment to carry out screening tests effectively. In particular, the city focuses on zoning and stamps out epidemics in high-risk areas (red, orange), and protects green areas.

Preventing epidemics actively

According to Mr. Tan, in order to actively prevent and reduce the source of infection from outside the city, the city makes sure that citizens can feel secure in carrying out economic and social activities. From September 12, the City People's Committee has decided to maintain the operation of Covid-19 prevention and control checkpoints at the welcome-gates of the city. In which, Phan Thiet has established 3 more checkpoints to prevent and control the Covid-19 epidemic at the welcome-gates in Phu Hai - Phu Long, Thien Nghiep - Ham Duc, and Hong Phong. The City People's Committee requires that in the course of performing their tasks, officials and control forces must have a proper attitude in the spirit of supporting, creating favorable conditions, and serving people in need. For those who violate the regulations, priority must be given to persuasion and advocacy measures, and strict implementation of epidemic prevention and control requirements.


Testing Covid-19 at Hung Long ward - Phan Thiet city.  

In addition, the city has made a list of the Covid-19 vaccination for the August 2021 phase for people according to the priority order of the Resolution No.21 of the Government. Along with that, the localities are continuing the second community-wide screening plan until September 20 to soon remove F0 from the community.  All testing places have to manage strictly, arrange seating distances to ensure security and order in accordance with regulations on epidemic prevention and control. Despite the basic epidemic controlled, but the situation is still very complicated. Therefore, the City People's Committee recommends that people only travel when it is absolutely necessary, proactively and actively implement measures to prevent the Covid-19 epidemic.

Reportedly, from April 27 to September 13th, TP. Phan Thiet has 600 cases of Covid-19. In which, the localities with the highest number of cases are: Duc Long: 184 cases, Binh Hung: 137 cases, Ham Tien: 43 cases, Phu Tai: 40 cases, Hung Long: 35 cases, Duc Thang: 34 cases, Tien Loi: 25 cases, Phu Trinh: 25 cases, Phu Thuy: 17 cases, Tien Thanh: 11 cases. The locality has no cases: Thien Nghiep. In which, 366 cases have been cured and discharged; 10 deaths.

Translated by Uyen Linh (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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