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Binh Thuan to expand road sectio

Binh Thuan to expand road section to Ham Tien-Mui Ne tourism route

BTO-The provincial People’s Committee lately issued a decision on approving the supplemented investment plan for the project to expand the road section from Ong Dia rocky expanse to Hoang Ngoc resort in Ham Tien –Phan Thiet.

A road section running from Ong Dia rocky expanse to Ham Tien

Accordingly, the road section will be widened with asphalted concrete surface and granite pavement. At the same time, supporting work such as: drainagesystem, lighting and decoration network will be upgraded to keep a synchronous technical infrastructure, contributing to enhance the image of a civilized and modern tourism route of Phan Thiet-Mui Ne.

The adjusted project has an additional fund of VND 58.4 billion (from VND 111.4 billion as former plan). Investment capital is financed by the central capital for the target program on tourism infrastructure development, local budget and Loterry fund. The expansion is expected to be implemented within period 2016-2020 with a transition to period 2021-2025.

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