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Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet: Preserving and promoting the values of vestiges and landscapes for tourism

BTO – Vestiges and landscapes are regarded as precious gifts bestowed by the nature in association with the ancestors’ hardship for a long time. Thereby, Preserving and promoting the values of vestiges and landscapes play an important role in contributing to raise the homeland’s image and people to friends worldwide. 

Fairy Stream in Ham Tien

In June 2020, Binh Thuan has received a number of cheerful Decisions, such as: Recognition on Cau Ngu (whale-worshipping) festival at Thuy Tu temple as national intangible cultural heritage; Recognizing Suoi Tien and Mui Ne flying sand dunes as provincial relics. Those meaningful decisions have claimed the timelessness of the local festivals and vestiges. It is also considered as a firm background for Phan Thiet city and its citizens keep on contributing to furthering loal cultural tourism via mass media.

Van Thuy Tu (Thuy Tu temple), established in 1762, is a worship place for Fishermen's Ancestors in Phan Thiet waters. It houses more than 100 large skeleton fishes from old-aged dates. Besides worshipping, thousands of people often perform yearly rituals and festivals attached with fishery beliefs, notably the Cau Ngu festival.  The festival does not only bear full of characteristics, appearance and elements of marine culture in the flow of regional culture, but it also inherited some creations so as to suit the natural environment and society.

Besides, there are a lot of performances of Vietnamese tradition opera and chorus (Xuong ba trao and hat boi). These rituals carry a wide range of in-depth cultural values, helping to orient people towards their origins and fine traditional values. By then, fishermen can send their aspirations and beliefs to Nam Hai gods during their fishing career.

Mui Ne flying sand dunes and Fairy Stream are pregnant with various historical values of geology and geomorphology, bearing unique characteristics of Binh Thuan land in particular and the South Central Coast region in general. The tourist sites can offer visitor combined experience between ecotourism activities, sightseeing, exploration and relaxation with artistic activities.

According to the Phan Thiet city’s Division of Culture and Information, besides the three aforementioned vestiges and landscapes, the city has other 8 relics ranked at national level and 15 relics ranked at provincial level. In which, many relics are educational environment that reminds our young generations of national history and traditions, such as the historical and cultural relics of Duc Thanh School, Nguyen Thong's tomb, Phan Thiet water tower.

For that reasons, the culture and information sector has focused on coordinating in propaganda, mobilizing people to preserve, promoting and advertising the good value of monuments and destinations in recent years. At the same time, it puts efforts on preventing and eliminating customs and actions of taking unfair advantage for personal gain, having negative impacts on the life of the community and society. Thanks to great joint efforts, several vestiges inside Phan Thiet – Binh Thuan have gradually become attractive destinations in eyes of domestic and foreign visitors.

Translated by Ul (Source: Binh Thuan Newspaper)

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