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Life is a gift of kindness

Life is a gift of kindness

BTO- Accidentally, I read an article titled "Letter from Saigon 3: A touching story about Ha Tinh women sending salted jackfruit to "save hunger" to the South" by author N.H.A on the Vietnamese page of a foreign media news. The article covers: “I’ve  just read remarkable news on Ha Tinh newspaper. It is reported that the Women's Union of this province is actively collecting food and sending it to Saigon and the southern provinces. Among them is a very special dish: salted jackfruit.

Illustrative image.

Salted jackfruit is a small green grated jackfruit and dried in the sun to hunt. It is mixed with salt, dried coriander, and cornstarch. It can be enjoyed after 5 days. Besides the salted jackfruit, Ha Tinh women also sent peanuts, dried shrimps, freshly green bananas, pumpkins, etc to Saigon."

Author N.H.A said that: Southern land is abundant in produce, meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit. The city's "starvation" is not due to the lack of vegetables and meat to eat but it is caused by the government's distribution, circulation and market stabilization.

After criticizing the city government, author NHA continued: "Calling on people in already poor areas such as Ha Tinh, Nghe An, Quang Binh, etc to donate each pumpkin, each jar of salted jackfruit , a bunch of dried shrimp, peanuts, vegetables, green bananas... to Saigon for what?

Will those meaningful jars be opened because of the strangeness or (to be honest) the poverty compared to the average life of the people in the South in general ? So they can only be scooped out to taste and then through away, even throw in the trash?

Is it right? Is it reasonable?

Please do not use temporary feelings or use achievements for the movement of one or the other as an excuse. Then organize things that have no value and waste the sincerity of the people like that.”

Honestly, I was really surprised when I read the above article. That said, perhaps the author N.H.A does not understand anything about the culture and morality of the Vietnamese people, especially the tradition of solidarity, mutual love of the Vietnamese nation. That spirit of solidarity has made Vietnam's strength, causing many of the world's most powerful forces to show their respect.

I know that making salted jackfruit dish is quite elaborate. Ha Tinh people think that salted jackfruit has the effect of strengthening resistance and treating colds and flu. It takes a lot of love for the mothers and sisters of Ha Tinh to work day and night to send them to the South. Because for many years, every time Ha Tinh was ravaged by storms and floods, thousands of families were starving, lacking clothes, and people in the South always opened their hearts of kindness and sharing. From food to clothes, from students' notebook pages to corrugated iron sheets, from old people to children, everyone carries a heavy sense of love for the people of the South.

According to the title of the article "Letter from Saigon...", the author N.H.A is probably in Saigon. But I'm sure it's rare for any Saigoneses to think as negatively as the author.

Saigon people are famous for being generous, sharing, the "homeland" of "rice ATMs", "free meals"... Saigon people know how to appreciate the small but meaningful gifts of their compatriots. The cold pragmatic way of thinking of the author N.H.A accidentally hurt so many other people. Did the N.H.A know that right at the first session of the XV National Assembly, the delegation of the City's National Assembly. Ho Chi Minh sincerely thanked the people of the whole country: "The affection of the people of the country is indescribable, the agricultural products and vegetables trips to be rapidly harvested, and seafood caught in the ocean, bunches of warm herbs with national affection were urgency packed and sent to the city. All are accompanied by loving words "Ho Chi Minh City, stay strong and defeat the Covid-19 pandemic".

 These support shipments have been delivered to the hands of the needy, the poor, the weak people in quarantine and blockade areas."

The Covid-19 pandemic is making the whole world crazy, many "rich people cry"! Although our Vietnam is still poor. We are uniting, supporting and helping each other to overcome the great tribulation. If you do not encourage and share, you are not allowed to denigrate, ridicule, or even distort those sacred feelings.

Translated by Uyen Linh (Source: Binh Thuan Newspaper)

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