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 Kate festival in full swing on Po Sah Inu Cham Tower

BTO – Different from last year event, this year’s Kate festival lasted within 3 days because of an additional ritual of Tong On, which have attracted a great number of locals and visitors. As annual, the Cham community flocked to Po Sah Inu Cham Tower to celebrate their own largest special day of Kate festival. The highlight of this year’s three-day festival (from October 7-9) is the Tong On - Cleansing ritual held once every three years. Crowded Cham people celebrate the Kate festival with traditional rituals to remember their ancestors, while praying for good weather, abundant crops and long life.

The festival began with a procession of Po Sah Inu Goddess costumes, followed by traditional rituals and dances with Gi Nang drums and Saranai trumpets. Various cultural activities, such as art shows, traditional costume displays, culinary and traditional writing competitions, are being organised in the province. All activities were closely linked together, to create a unique special traditional celebration of the Cham community.

During the festival, local authorities are paying visits to the region and giving gifts to the Cham people in the province. The purpose of the Kate festival is to thank the Gods and promote their traditional culture and arts.

The festival offers visitors a chance to enjoy unique folk songs, dances and music with the Cham people, as well as the chance to participate in games and demonstrations of brocade weaving and pottery.

We have heard about the Kate festival on a business trip to Phan Thiet. The festival’s atmosphere is very bustling and interesting, and the landscape as well as the culture made me impression a lot. We are very lucky to be here.

Translated and combined by My Thien

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