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Joint efforts made to bring a co

Joint efforts made to bring a cozy Mid-Autumn festival to children amid pandemic

 BTO- Mid-Autumn festival, which falls in the 15th day of August (the Lunar calendar), has become one of the most expected festivals of Vietnamese children. However, due to the complicated development of Covid-19 pandemic, this year’s Mid-Autumn festival did not celebrated with cultural and artistic events or traditional games that had attracted the participation of numerous children as the previous years. Instead, authorities at all levels and Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union branches across the province have deployed many practical activities to give support and care for disadvantaged children whose lives have been affected by the pandemic.

 In particular, the provincial Communist Youth Union branch in collaboration with the provincial Council of Young Pioneers’ Association have launched a program named “Lanterns spreading affection” to grant 3,250 lanterns and social welfare packages to children with difficult circumstances, children living in outlying areas and children of ethnic minorities in La Da and Thuan Minh communes (Ham Thuan Bac district), Phan Son and Phan Lam communes (Bac Binh district). Children who have been under quarantine period in in isolation areas in La Gi town and Phan Thiet city also received practical presents from the program.  K’Nhat Luong, a 5th grader of La Da primary and secondary school shared that: “I and my friends did not enjoy lantern parades and participate in full moon events due to restriction measures in prevention of the Covid-19 pandemic. But we are still happy with many gifts (including lanterns, milk, candies and cookies) from youth union branch”.

Moreover, depending on current situation of each locality, youth’s organizations have planned for a series of events to bring Mid-Autumn presents to children from poor families. Accordingly, youth union branches of the provincial agencies and enterprises’ bloc lately brought 1,020 Mid-Autumn gifts to children in Phan Lam and Phan Son communes (Bac Binh district). The unit also awarded VND 2 million to each of 10 poor students in Phan Son commune. 

 Recently, 30 young patients under treatment in medical facilities in La Gi town lately received gifts awarded by youth union branches of La Gi town and La Gi regional general hospital. At the same time, another 45 gifts were also offered to children of households facing many difficulties due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. The gifts have been considered as an encouragement for disadvantaged children to enjoy a warm and happy Mid-Autumn season.

Mr. Thai Thanh Bi- Deputy Secretary of the provincial Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union branch cum chairman of the provincial Council of Young Pioneers’Association, shared that “The gifts have small value but they are worth as they created good memories and provided great joy for children on the occasion of Mid-Autumn season. Moreover, authorities at all levels, organizations and the whole society always pay special attention to caring and nurturing children although the province is facing many difficulties and challenges amid Covid-19 pandemic.

Besides gift packages with full of happiness, the provincial Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union branch also organized a live streaming show on its facebook account to share a Mid-Autumn performance on Tuesday evening (September, 9 or the 15th day of August, the lunar Calendar) with children across the province. The show included many songs and dance items performed by members of the provincial Children House. In addition, images of children in quarantine facilities and lockdown areas celebrating Mid-Autumn festival were also screened at the event.

Children experienced a special Mid-Autumn festival without big lantern parades, lion dances and full moon parties, but they are enjoyable with love and care from all people.

Translated by Phuong Lan (Source: Binh Thuan Newspaper)

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