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Gorgeous yellow color of Acacica

Gorgeous yellow color of Acacica overwhelms Binh Thuan

BTO – Charming yellow leaves of acacia are booming along the coastal road of Vo Nguyen Giap, leading to Mui Ne – Hoa Thang – Hoa Phu destination in the recent days. As annually, the forest of acacia leaves race to show off their brilliant yellow colors, lightening up a wide range of the area from Mui Ne to Bau Trang.

Since the early this month, crowds of locals and visitors throng the arcacia forest areas every day to take photos and save the most beautiful season of spring. A large sky around the area of Vo Nguyen Giap road has suddenly flourished and become an ideal “Check-in” location for youngsters and tourists in those days.

Crowds of photographers and onlookers visited the site

According to the acacia tree’ natural features, it will continue blossom till the end of this January and also at the moment of 2020 Lunar New Year. The combination between the yellow flowers and the blue sea in warm climate promises to bring an unforgettable experience when joining Phan Thiet for Tet holiday celebration.

Translated by My Thien (Source: Binh Thuan Tourism)

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