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Gorgeous cultural identities showed in mountainous areas of Ham Thuan Bac

 BTO –In harmony with the jubilant atmosphere of the 19th Culture and Sports Festivities of the Ethnic Minority of Ham Thuan Bac district, more than 200 village elders, artisans, actors, and athletes participated in the fest day. Those represented nearly 16,000 people of 23 ethnic minorities living in the district.

 Joining the festival, the locals and visitors felt passionate with a series of folk songs, dances, and costumes harmonize with the Paranung drum, the Saranai, and the Mu-pot drums in each rhythmic rhythm, resonating the mountains and forests, captivating the hearts of listeners.

In addition, people have immersed in folk games such as rice pounding, walking on stilts, water-pot carrying, etc. With respect to cuisine, there are a variety of delicious dishes cooked by a firewood stove. All yummy dishes such as grilled chicken with salt and chili, tomato soup, leaf soup, bamboo tube rice, etc have been introduced on a festive day.


  All activities in the festival are filled with the breath of daily life and production, cultural characteristics of each ethnic group in the district.

 All cultural identities of the district’s ethnic minorities make up the richness, diversity, and unique features of Binh Thuan culture. As known, this biennial festival has experienced its 19th times. Of these, almost 18 times were held in the same venue of Dong Giang commune as the area is associated with the old revolutionary base area, with the place of Nam Son, the central hero in history.

 It can be seen that each ethnic group is shaped by its own cultural identity. That is the reason why such a festival is an opportunity for them to exchange and learn more experiences in the way of preserving and promoting the physical cultural values of the Vietnamese people. It is also the driving force to help people eagerly work to build a new life in the highlands and to strengthen the great unity bloc of the nations.

Translated by Uyen Linh - My Thien

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