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Binh Thuan in a bid to build bra

Binh Thuan in a bid to build brand-name of Cultural Tourism

BTO – The World Travel Awards Organization has lately announced the voting results of the 27th World Travel Awards (WTA) in Asia 2020 via online form. Vietnam is honored to be named in the "Top Asian Heritage Destination", "Asia's Top Cultural Destination" and "Asia's Top Culinary Destination". This is the second consecutive year that Vietnam has been voted in all 3 categories at the event rated as the "Oscar of the world tourism industry". The event opens up a great opportunity to more widely promote the image of the culture and tourism industry when the epidemic situation in many countries has not yet shown any signs of cooling off. As for Binh Thuan, it is not a "land of heritage", but the locality has imprinted by the coastal people in the flow of history and development of the country, many relics, cultural and culinary features bearing. Those have enriched the land which naturally has "blue sea - white sand - golden sunshine".

Calling the roll of local advantages

Statistics showed that Binh Thuan province has 28 and 44 historical and landscape relics ranked at the national level and provincial level, respectively. All the heritages manifest their multicolor and diversity to fully serve a wide range of spiritual demands of the community. Those are strengths of the province in the progress of pushing culture-tourism development. Specifically, before the pandemic, a number of tourist destinations received a tourist volume ranging from 200,000 to 500,000 visitors per year. Remarkably, the cluster of Co Thach pagoda, Binh An temple, Ong Nam Hai royal tomb in Binh Thanh commune welcomed an estimate of 1.1 million tourists a year. The linkage between clusters of relics and tours brought highly effects to the work of upholding and promoting images of the destinations, opening up a complete perspective for each tourist.

Traveling is not only for enjoying beautiful landscapes but also for learning the origins, sending wishes, and finding peace. Therefore, over the past recent years, Phu Quy tourism has been “awakened” with a tourist volume of 42,300 visitors and revenue of VND105.75 billion in 2019.

A tiny district island, which covers nearly 18 square kilometers, has 2 national historical heritage and landscape of Linh Quang temple and An Thanh fishing village (Tam Thanh commune), Ban Tranh Princess worshipping temple (Long Hai commune).

Additionally, there are 6 provincial heritages positioned in 3 communes on the island. Such figures voiced up the province’s potentials and advantages for spiritual tourism development, looking towards satisfying all visitors.

Being an all-year-round coastal area, the locality is famous for its diversity of greasy and tasty seafood. Additionally, much rural food such as Banh xeo, banh can, banh chanh cha ca, banh quai vac, banh hoi long heo, etc are unique dishes, adding one more score to the promotion of Binh Thuan.

In need of the community participation

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism is setting up a project of “Building national brand name of Cultural Tourism”, which focuses on developing the two fields of cultural cuisine and heritage.

Based on the province’s advantages, plus efforts of promotion and advertisement, the locality is paying attention to restore and embellish a number of cultural and spiritual relic such as Hang Pagoda (Tuy Phong), Thay Thim palace (La Gi), ta Ku Mountain (Ham Thuan Nam), Linh Quang pagoda (Phu Quy), etc. Moreover, the state management also put aside a large amount of capital for the investment and embellishment of several heritages in the locality, such as Ban Tranh Princess Worshipping temple, Xuan An and Dong An village temples, etc.

In 2020, 4 constructions of Xuan Hoi temple (Bac Binh), Tu Luong village temple (Phan Thiet city), Ta Tan fishing village (Tuy Phong), and Long Huong village temple (Tuy Phong) have been under construction of embellishment with a total cost of VND 1.2 billion, VND882 million, VND 2.5 billion and nearly VND 5 billion, respectively.

Translated by My Thien (Source: Binh Thuan Newspaper)

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