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Binh Thuan in a bid to become a

Binh Thuan in a bid to become a place worth to visit

BTO - On November 27th, 2020, at the capital of Moscow, Russian Federation, the World Travel Awards organized the world's top awards 2020. Accordingly, Vietnam was honored as "The top Destination of Heritage of the world 2020”. This is the second consecutive year that Vietnam has won a spectacular victory in this category, continuing to affirm the attraction of Vietnamese tourism on the international tourism map. With its potentials, advantages, and tourism brand, it can be affirmed that Binh Thuan has contributed significantly to that victory. And we will have to continue to affirm that Binh Thuan deserves to be a "worth visiting destination" for domestic and foreign tourists.

The potentials and advantages...

Binh Thuan has 192 km of coastline, stable year-round weather, less affected by storms than other provinces with many natural and cultural tourist spots, especially Phan Thiet city with Ham Tien - Mui Ne brand name. It has been known internationally as a kite-surfing paradise and the world’s unique and rare red and white sand dunes.

White Lake in Bac Binh

Hoa Thang Sand Dunes (Bac Binh)

Binh Thuan is the place where many tourists choose to spend their vacation and to enjoy seafood and beautiful beaches. The attraction of Binh Thuan is in its natural beauty proven by a large highly-rated proportion of natural tourist spots like the reclining Buddha statue on Ta Cu Mountain, stretching from east to west and leading down to beautiful white-sand beaches.

Visitors come here to enjoy many recreational activities such as swimming, fishing, climbing, boating, and golfing at many beaches and resorts in the province. In addition, the province also owns many artificial famous attractions as Po Sah Inu Cham tower, Ke Ga lighthouse, and Thay Thim palace.

The beaches in Mui Ne are a quiet and peaceful getaway for those who wish to learn kite boarding or windsurfing can take free introductory classes at the many facilities located along the beach that teach sports this sport. Visitors can experience daily local culture while visiting Mui Ne port to see how people live, work, and play, as well as enjoy freshly caught seafood. Red Sand Dunes and White Sand Dunes near Mui Ne are the most popular tourist destinations; locals provide skateboard rental services to tourists. On White Sand Dune hill, the local people rent sleds and off-road vehicles …

Ho Da Mi (Ham Thuan Bac). Taken by: Nguyen Trang Kim Cuong

Ham Tien ward is one of the bustling tourist areas of the province with many resorts, shops, restaurants, beach bars, and spas located along the 10 km length of Rang Beach. The nightlife in Ham Tien is especially lively with many fun destinations and beach bars open throughout the night. In Ham Tien, there is also one of the most important tourist destinations of Phan Thiet, "Suoi Tien". This place is also known as "The Great Gorge of Southeast Asia" because a small stream for centuries has divided a canyon by many colorful sand dunes, etc.

To be a worth-visiting place

Since 2020, the Government has oriented Binh Thuan to be a key locality in the national tourism development planning. In which, Binh Thuan is guided to become a key tourist area whereas Phan Thiet city boasts as a key capital of tourism. Such orientation has so far paved the way for the province’s development targets. Notably, the newly-commenced North-South expressway, through Binh Thuan will greatly helped shorten travel time for international and domestic tourists from other provinces to Binh Thuan. Moreover, it will create a strong platform for Binh Thuan tourism to take off as high as possible in the near future. However, the province has to hurry up to complete the synchronous transport system.

In the meantime, functional authorities need to concentrate on environmental protection, especially waste management so as to improve some “hot” spots of pollutions at tourist sites and beaches. Moreover, natural disaster, climate changes, coastal erosion, etc. are those aching problematic issues that need to be strictly controlled and addressed to promote the best image of green tourism and ensure safety for tourists.

Po Sah Inu Cham Tower

With respect to tourism management, it should focus on selecting fascinating activities and sightseeing sites to lure as many as visitors, creating a unique ecotourism site that can compete with other destinations.

It is also advised to attach importance to investment promotion to attract many more investment projects in terms of tourism, services and infrastructure. The recruitment and human resource training are one of significant works to be taken into consideration so that we can provide high-quality tourism services for visitors.

It can be confirmed that Binh Thuan currently owns several attractive tourist sites from explorative to historical and cultural sites. Nevertheless, the province has to fully grasp all development opportunities and comprehensively tap its natural potentials to become a real attractive destination. As if the locality can fully promote its potentials, it will be asserted as a “worth-visiting” place for both domestic and foreign visitors.

Translated by Uyen Linh and My Thien (Source: Binh Thuan Newspaper)

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