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Binh Thuan

Binh Thuan’s images slated for propaganda on “S Vietnam” programme

BTO – Included in a series of “S Vietnam Wingspread” program produced by the Vietnam Television Station (VTV), a crew of “S Vietnam – Hello to the world” is projected to capture a series of films in Binh Thuan from September 18-26, 2020. The film series aims to introduce and promote local daily lives and natural landscapes.

Beautiful beaches

The program has so far experienced its 10 years on-air at golden hour frames (20:00 every day on VTV1 channel, replayed at 6.50 AM on the following day on VTV3 channel). The program targets at bringing the country’s landscape and people to domestic and international audiences.

The film series made in Binh Thuan covers a number of episodes, including Binh Thuan – discovering Phan Thiet from above, Binh Thuan – a journey in search for famous specialties, Binh Thuan - beautiful waters that forget the way back; Binh Thuan - A day visit to Ke Ga cape; Binh Thuan - coming back white sand region; Binh Thuan – exhausting all strengths at Lagi beach; Binh Thuan – finding for the ingenuity of the Cham women (learning about brocade-weaving, pottery making, etc).

Food specialities

Such a film crew and series promise to depict the most interesting experiences and feeling of flying high and contemplating the city overview from a Hot-air balloon. Otherwise, the audience can be learned more about the province’s potentials for sea sports performance, or conquer the sand dunes by a road-off vehicle at the Bau Trang tourist area. In the meantime, “A day visit to Ke Ga cape” episode will introduce experiences on camping, sunrise viewing and visiting the Asia Southeast region’s oldest Lighthouse.

A number of food specialties will be recommended in an episode of the film series in the hope of luring many more visitors to the locality.

Translated by My Thien (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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