Binh Thuan tourism promoted on VTV’s “S Vietnam-Hello the world” TV show

Updated at 10:38:23 09/18/2020 (Views: 23)

BTO- Actress, model Huynh Tuyet Anh is participating as an Master of Ceremony (MC) in a program to promote Binh Thuan tourism in a film series in response to a tourism promotion campaign “Vietnamese people travel in Vietnam” of Vietnam Television (VTV).

  • Phu Quy rolls out red carpets to woo foreign tourists

    Updated at 15:22:47 09/17/2020 (Views: 19)

    BTO – Starting from September 1, 2020, foreign tourists to Phu Quy Island (Binh Thuan) will no longer need a travel permit to visit the island. The move will definitely attract international tourists back to Phu Quy, especially when Vietnam opens door to welcome international visitors back after the pandemic.

  • Binh Thuan’s images slated for propaganda on “S Vietnam” programme

    Updated at 10:34:42 09/08/2020 (Views: 24)

    BTO – Included in a series of “S Vietnam Wingspread” program produced by the Vietnam Television Station (VTV), a crew of “S Vietnam – Hello to the world” is projected to capture a series of films in Binh Thuan from September 18-26, 2020.

  • Extraordinary ancient items of “King of antiques” in Binh Thuan

    Updated at 14:04:33 08/25/2020 (Views: 104)

    BTO – Entering Nguyen Ngoc An’s house in Mui Ne ward in the central coastal city of Phan Thiet, it’s extremely surprised by the plethora of ancient items that any antique collectors have ever desired for. Nguyen Ngoc An, 45 years old, owns more than 40 thousands precious antiques displayed on the first floor.

  • Mui Ne officially recognized as national tourist area

    Updated at 15:52:09 08/24/2020 (Views: 75)

    BTO – The Mui Ne national tourist area, covering an area of 14,760 hectares, is situated along the coast from Hoa Phu commune (Tuy Phong district) to the end of the border of Phu Hai ward (Phan Thiet City).

  • 45 newly-hatched green sea turtles safely released to the sea on Phu Quy

    Updated at 14:17:47 08/17/2020 (Views: 45)

    BTO – As many as 45 newly-hatched green sea turtles have been found on Trieu Duong beach, Phu Quy island on August 17th morning. 

  • Phan Thiet: stories of anecdotal “Lau Tha” and legendary “delicious fish sauce”

    Updated at 10:11:38 07/14/2020 (Views: 125)

    BTO - Binh Thuan tourism sector is struggling to revive this “non-smoke” industry after the long-time impact of Covid-19. Since then, a number of tourism stimulus packages are promoted and introduced to visitors, especially the Vietnamese tourists.

  • Phan Thiet: Preserving and promoting the values of vestiges and landscapes for tourism

    Updated at 15:37:54 07/08/2020 (Views: 94)

    BTO – Vestiges and landscapes are regarded as precious gifts bestowed by the nature in association with the ancestors’ hardship for a long time.

  • Ceremony to recognize Phu Quy as provincial tourist site

    Updated at 16:33:11 07/03/2020 (Views: 127)

    BTO – Phu Quy district island has been recognized as a provincial tourist site on July 3rd morning as it has become a popular destination for tourists domestically and internationally.

  • Ganh Son – Legend of Mysterious Land

    Updated at 16:17:54 06/15/2020 (Views: 113)

    BTO - Anyone who has ever been to Tuy Phong probably heard about the reputation of Ganh Son (Ghenh Son) at Chi Cong commune. Ganh Son's beauty is as gorgeous as an aqua painting depicted by the wonderful painting brushstrokes of the natural creation.

  • Mui Ne fishing village – a glamorous tourist attraction

    Updated at 11:05:16 06/08/2020 (Views: 116)

    BTO – Nestled quietly on Huynh Thuc Khang Street amidst the soaring coconut trees of Phan Thiet beach, Mui Ne fishing village always has a strange charm from dawn until twilight.

  • Charming White Lake in Binh Thuan

    Updated at 15:22:52 06/04/2020 (Views: 121)

    Charming White Lake in Binh Thuan BTO – Bau Trang (White Lake), also known as Bach Ho, Bau Cat, Bau Sen, is located 60km far from Phan Thiet city. Dubbed the "pristine desert”, Bau Trang offers visitors an admirable and magnificent view of the vast ​​lake surrounded by majestic sand dunes.

  • “Oh Wow! Mui Ne” promotional program first launched to woo international tourists

    Updated at 10:57:04 03/03/2020 (Views: 156)

    BTO – “Oh Wow! Mui Ne” promotional program, the first of its kinds, has been launched by the Department of Culture- Sports and Tourism in coordination with the Association of Tourism on March 3rd at Seahorse Resort, Phan Thiet city.