Vietnam, Japan agree to cooperate on cancer treatments

Updated at 08:44:00 04/17/2018 (Views: 19)

A cooperative agreement was reached between the Hanoi-based K Hospital and Japan’s National Cancer Center (NCC) in the Vietnamese capital on April 16, for the promotion of collaboration between the two sides in the treatment of cancer.

  • Vietnam – Denmark conference discusses chronic diseases prevention

    Updated at 15:17:18 04/12/2018 (Views: 19)

    A workshop spotlighting Vietnam – Denmark cooperation on non-communicable disease prevention took place at the Hanoi Medical University on April 10.

  • Successful lung transplant from brain dead donor announced

    Updated at 16:01:46 03/19/2018 (Views: 72)

    Doctors at the 108 Military Central Hospital announced on March 16 that they successfully performed the first lung transplant from a brain dead donor in Vietnam, marking a huge step forward in the tissue and organ transplant field of military doctors, opening more opportunities for patients in Vietnam with dangerous diseases.

  • Great expectations for Vietnam’s pharma firms

    Updated at 09:56:47 03/12/2018 (Views: 71)

    Recording excellent performances in 2017, Vietnam’s pharmaceutical giants have set high profit expectations for 2018 despite stiffening competition in the market.

  • Province’s leader congratulates medical staffs on Vietnamese Doctors’ Day

    Updated at 10:20:17 02/26/2018 (Views: 98)

    BTO- Secretary of the provincial Party Committee Nguyen Manh Hung on February 23 hosted a meeting with the province’s medical staffs to mark the 63rd anniversary of Vietnamese Doctors’ Day (February 27).

  • Prime Minister visits Cho Ray Hospital

    Updated at 10:18:15 02/26/2018 (Views: 65)

    Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc paid a visit to Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City on February 24 to mark the occasion of Vietnamese Doctors' Day (February 28).

  • Medical staff honoured on Vietnam Doctors’ Day

    Updated at 11:20:09 02/24/2018 (Views: 89)

    Deputy Prime Minister Truong Hoa Binh paid a visit to the National Hospital of Odonto - Stomatology in Hanoi, on February 23, to congratulate the medical staff at the hospital on Vietnam Doctors’ Day (February 27).

  • Province’s leader paid visit to medical facilities on Vietnamese Doctor’s Day

    Updated at 16:37:43 02/23/2018 (Views: 79)

    BTO – Deputy secretary of Binh Thuan provincial Party committee Duong Van An visited medical facilities in La Da and Da Mi communes (Ham Thuan Bac district) on Feb 22nd afternoon on the occasion of 63 years of Vietnamese Doctor’s Day (Feb 27 1955-2016).

  • US opens APHIS representative office in Vietnam

    Updated at 15:36:55 02/07/2018 (Views: 79)

    A representative office of the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) under the US Department of Agriculture has opened at the US Embassy in Hanoi.

  • Province’s leader pays pre-Tet visits at medical facilities

    Updated at 08:43:43 02/07/2018 (Views: 91)

    BTO- Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Hoa on January 5 led a delegation to pay visits and convey his happy new year greetings to leaders and employees of hospitals, medical establishments and social sponsoring center in the province.

  • Vietnam’s population estimated at 94.7 million in 2018

    Updated at 09:40:35 02/06/2018 (Views: 90)

    Vietnam’s population is estimated to reach 94.7 million at the end of 2018, according to the General Office for Population and Family Planning (GOPFP) under the Health Ministry. 

  • 64-slice CT scanner system opened in Phan Thiet

    Updated at 15:16:46 01/29/2018 (Views: 93)

    BTO – Phan Thiet Municipal Health Center teamed up with Duc Hung Trading and Development Joint Stock Company to launch the first 64-slice CT computerized tomography system, named Somatom Perspective.

  • Free medical checkups, medicines offered to 6 million poor people

    Updated at 14:58:28 01/12/2018 (Views: 97)

    More than 6 million poor people were provided with free health checkups and medicines thanks to a humanitarian programme on treatment and public health services in the 2014-2017 period.

  • Vietnam increases grassroots health care services

    Updated at 09:03:52 12/21/2017 (Views: 120)

    Minister of Health Nguyen Thi Kim Tien said it is a must to improve the quality and operational efficiency of grassroots-level health care centres in order to attract more patients. 

  • Robotic surgeries save 222 cancer patients

    Updated at 09:09:12 10/30/2017 (Views: 195)

    The Ho Chi Minh City-based Binh Dan Hospital successfully carried out robotic operations for 222 cancer patients in its first year of applying the technology for adults.

  • Vietnam responds to Global Handwashing Day

    Updated at 09:48:48 10/16/2017 (Views: 204)

    As many as 2,000 primary teachers and pupils in Hanoi joined officials and delegates from international organisations at a meeting held in the city on October 15 in response to Global Handwashing Day.

  • Health Ministry proposes relaxing two-child policy

    Updated at 15:18:41 10/10/2017 (Views: 163)

    Troubled by low fertility rates in southern provinces, the Ministry of Health has proposed relaxing the country’s two-child policy in order to allow Vietnamese parents to decide the number of children they want.

  • Free-of-charge cardiac examination offered to children

    Updated at 10:22:36 09/21/2017 (Views: 175)

    BTO – The Binh Thuan Sponsoring Fund for Children in coordination with Tam Duc Heart Hospital (Ho Chi Minh City) has recently held charity checkup to screen for congenital cardiac disease for children in Binh Thuan province. The beneficiaries are children, aging from birth to 18 years old and living in Binh Thuan province.

  • Binh Thuan to spur prevention against hand-foot-and-mouth disease

    Updated at 10:44:09 09/14/2017 (Views: 210)

    BTO – Chairman of Binh Thuan provincial People’s Committee has recently issued document to ask the department of Health to tightly monitor the developments of hand-foot-and-mouth disease in the province.

  • Global health experts discuss prevention of zoonotic diseases in Da Nang

    Updated at 15:38:58 08/30/2017 (Views: 251)

    Health experts from 54 countries and international organisations gathered at a conference in the central coastal city of Da Nang on August 29 to strengthen cooperation and share approaches to prevent animal-to-human transmission diseases, including bird flu, Ebola and rabies.

  • Schools urged to take preventive measures against diseases

    Updated at 09:13:30 08/16/2017 (Views: 179)

    The Department of Preventive Medicine has instructed health officials in provinces and cities nationwide to cooperate with education departments to strengthen cleanliness at schools to prevent outbreaks of hand, foot and mouth disease and dengue fever.

  • PM approves national health target programme

    Updated at 16:03:04 08/02/2017 (Views: 221)

    Vietnam aims to curb the annual ratio of infections and fatalities due to dengue below 0.09 percent by 2020 and early detect oral, breast, cervical and colorectal cancer in nearly 20 percent of people.

  • 38,000 blood units collected in nationwide donation campaign

    Updated at 14:48:13 07/31/2017 (Views: 212)

    Nearly 4,200 units of blood were collected from the youth and other volunteers in the final collection drive of the annual blood-donation campaign Hành trình đỏ (Red Journey) 2017.

  • Binh Thuan: 18 elite physicians get honored by the State president

    Updated at 16:54:07 07/27/2017 (Views: 259)

    BTO – On July 26th 2017, the Department of Health of Binh Thuan province has observed a ceremony to announce State President’s Decision on conferring elite physicians and wrap up the first-half medical mission.

  • Binh Thuan: Not use spinal anesthesia during caesarean section

    Updated at 14:41:16 07/20/2017 (Views: 209)

    BTO – The department of Health of Binh Thuan has dispatched documents urging hospitals/medical centers across the province on the use of spinal anesthesia  during caesarean section under the document No.3614/BYT-TE.

  • American physical therapist volunteers to save lives in Viet Nam

    Updated at 09:42:11 07/13/2017 (Views: 281)

    Many people call her, with affection, the ‘strange’ American woman as she sold her house in the US to move to Việt Nam 10 years ago to help ill Vietnamese people.

  • Health ministry: vaccination safe and compulsory

    Updated at 15:28:41 07/11/2017 (Views: 288)

    The vaccination programme for children meets the basic requirements of quality and safety, the Preventive Health Department of the Health Ministry said on Monday

  • Minister vows to improve grassroots-level healthcare system

    Updated at 16:25:54 06/15/2017 (Views: 314)

    Minister of Health Nguyen Thi Kim Tien said her ministry will do its utmost to improve grassroots-level healthcare network as the government already approved a resolution on the plan.

  • Pharmaceutical giants jockey for market dominance

    Updated at 11:01:42 06/12/2017 (Views: 276)

    The total spending on medicine in 2017-2021 will grow by 15-17 percent thanks to the population increase and improved income per capita.

  • 18 hospitals qualified for organ transplantation in VN

    Updated at 09:51:57 06/09/2017 (Views: 304)

    There are 18 hospitals qualified for organ transplantation in Vietnam at present, 25 years since the first successful kidney transplant in the country.

  • PM orders stricter fines on food safety violations

    Updated at 16:35:08 06/07/2017 (Views: 273)

    Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc has ordered food management agencies to heighten focus on food safety management following a National Assembly (NA) debate on Monday.

Binh Thuan to grant permit to Song Luy 1 solar power plant

BTO – People’s Committee of Binh Thuan province has recently issued decision on investment intention to Song Luy 1 solar power plant invested by Binh Thuan Quang Dien JSC.

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Binh Thuan provincial Phu Dong Sports Festival opened

BTO- The opening ceremony of the 13th provincial Phu Dong Sports Festival (school year 2017-2018) officially took place on Tuesday morning (April 3) at Phan Thiet Sport Stadium.

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Vietnam, Japan agree to cooperate on cancer treatments

A cooperative agreement was reached between the Hanoi-based K Hospital and Japan’s National Cancer Center (NCC) in the Vietnamese capital on April 16, for the promotion of collaboration between the two sides in the treatment of cancer.

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