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Sharing kindness to foreigners

Sharing kindness to foreigners

BTO- On the morning of August 15th, the series of programs "Touching love" keeps running. The Provincial Youth Union coordinated with Hung Thinh Slag Factory One Member Company Limited to organize the program "Sharing kindness to foreigners".

Secretary of Provincial Youth Union Lam Hong Tuyen and representatives of accompanying units are giving gifts.

The program gave 36 gifts to foreigners who are implementing blockade at alley 69, Quarter 1, Ham Tien ward, Phan Thiet city. Each gift is worth one million VND, including essential necessities such as eggs, sausages, canned meat, fresh bread, pho, dried vermicelli, fresh dumplings, etc, and 500,000 VND in cash.

Lam Hong Tuyen, Acting Secretary of the Provincial Youth Union shared: “The epidemic has made it difficult for foreign employees to face many living expenses every day. Although the gifts' material value is not huge,  those are the affection and sharing of the Binh Thuan people for foreigners to feel safe and get over the epidemic."

Foreigners are receiving gifts.

Ensuring the safety of epidemic prevention and control, the gifts are delivered to the ward. After that, the "Blue Shippers" team would direct delivery to each receiver according to the provided addresses. The blue shippers would leave gifts in front of people's houses and notify them to receive the items (not give directly). Ms. Ekaterina Leusova - a Russian, said: We have received a lot of love and care from everyone, both materially and spiritually during the local government's blockade. We also have regular temperature checks and Covid-19 rapid tests every day.

Previously, in order to share some of the difficulties with employees outside the province, the Provincial Youth Union coordinated with organizations, units, and voluntary associations and groups to organize the program "Sharing love with expatriates." Up to now, the program has supported more than 600 workers and lottery tickets sellers outside the province.

Translated by Uyen Linh (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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