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Over 270 Vietnamese citizens ret

Over 270 Vietnamese citizens return from Russia

Over 270 Vietnamese citizens were flown home from Russia on a repatriation flight of Bamboo Airways on September 26 as a joint effort of competent authorities of both nations.

Vietnamese citizens at an airport in Russia (Source: VNA)

The passengers included children under 18, the elderly, people with illnesses, pregnant women, workers whose contracts have expired, and students without accommodation due to dormitory closure.

The Vietnamese Embassy in Russia sent staff to help the citizens with pre-departure procedures at the airport in Vladivostok.

Security, safety and hygiene measures were rigorously taken during the flight to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Upon their arrival at Can Tho International Airport in the city of the same name, all the crew members and passengers were given medical checkups and put under quarantine in line with regulations.

In the time to come, more repatriation flights will be arranged to bring Vietnamese citizens home, depending on their demand and domestic quarantine capacity.

Source: VNA

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