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New chance

New chance, new stage opens for Binh Thuan to make significant breakthrough

BTO - After 4 days of urgent, solemn and democratic working sessions, the 14th Binh Thuan Party Congress, tenure 2020-2025, successfully wrapped up on October 16th. Binh Thuan Newspaper had a talk with newly-elected Secretary of the provincial Party Committee (PPC) Duong Van An, term 2020-2025, discussing solutions to perfecting the province’s targets at bringing Binh Thuan to much more sustainable developing level.

Q: First of all, all congratulations are sent to new Secretary Duong Van An for his new position as the provincial Party leader in the period of 2020-2025. How do you access the success of this party congress?

Secretary of PPC Duong Van An: The 14th Party Congress of Binh Thuan, term 2020-2025, took place within 4 days under the spirit of “solidarity, democracy, intellectuality, innovation and development”. All preparations for the congress had been earlier arranged well under the guideline of the Central Party Committee, the Politburo

The successful congress has heightened responsibilities, opinions, discussions, contributions to the constructions of the Party system.  The congress has recorded 32 opinions and 77 memoirs and reports from delegates. On the basis of acquiring the direction of General Luong Cuong, the Congress has passed draft on “Enhancing the construction and revamping the Party committee cleaner and stronger; promoting the strength of the Political system and great national unity bloc; preserving the national defense – security; stepping up innovation and initiatives; mobilizing and using effective all sources; driving Binh Thuan into a much stronger development in terms of marine economy, energy and tourism”. The Congress has defined 3 major mainstays for the local economic developments in the upcoming time, including: Industry, tourism and Agriculture. At the same time, 4 major tasks and 3 breakthroughs to bring the locality to a strongly developed province in the coming time.

Those are the combination of intellectuality, spirit and aspiration of the whole Party committee and the people; the fruit of right and creative employment of the Political credo and policies, the Party resolution to the current situation of Binh Thuan province.

The Congress also promoted democracy and responsibility when considering and selecting and electing 50 comrades to the 14th provincial Party Committee's Executive Committee (PCEC) with high rate of consensus. Those 50 newly-elected PCEC are high moral virtues, prestigious capacity and qualified to the new tasks and positions.

Besides, the Congress had elected 16 delegates representing the provincial Party committee’s will, desire and intellectuality to participate in the 13th National Party Congress.

Q: To put the 14th provincial Party Congress’ resolution into practice soon, what are the things that need to be done immediately after the congress, Sir?

Secretary of PPC Duong Van An: The 2020-2025 term opens up new stage which includes opportunities, advantages and difficulties. Thanks to the foothold backgrounds created by previous generations, Binh Thuan can make a new breakthrough in marine economy, energy, and tourism in accordance with the approved Congress resolution in the next 5 years.

Consequently, after the congress, the PCEC will start with the implementing the new resolution study while deploying the next 5-year plans to gradually gain the new targets set at the congress. With joint and highest determination, the whole Party committee and people of Binh Thuan will strive their best to overcome difficulties to unit and lift Binh Thuan to a new level of sustainable development.

Q: The Congress document covers “3 pillars” of Binh Thuan economy in the next time. Binh Thuan people and businesses are interested in this issue and put much expectation to the Party leader. Would you mind briefing this issue?

Secretary of PPC Duong Van An:The congress’s Resolution affirms the three economic pillars in terms of hi-tech application and value chains of industry, tourism and agriculture. With regard to Industry, the province will prioritize renewable energy development, especially clean energy such as: wind power, solar power and LNG gas-fired electricity. Otherwise, the province will no longer approve any thermoelectricity projects. Besides, incentives are forwarded to projects of processing and manufacturing in electric auxiliary, agro-forestry and fisheries, etc.

For Tourism sector, the province will keep on reforming based on natural conditions, existing landscapes and unique differences of Binh Thuan; diversifying types of products, improving its levels; making Mui Ne National Tourist Area as the nuclear spillover, creating a great attraction for domestic and international tourists, becoming a top-class tourist area of the ​​Asia – Pacific region, in accordance with Government planning direction.

Regarding Agricultural sector, we will continue take advantage of central support to develop irrigation systems, promote hi-tech agricultural production in large specialized farming areas and value chain production. In the meantime, there will be incentive policies to encourage fishers to go fishing offshore and raise seafood at sea.

In order to accomplish the above objectives, we promise to always contact closely to the people, always respect and be responsible to the people, wholeheartedly dedicated to serving the people and the cause of the province’s construction and development. Additionally, we have to regularly cultivate our revolutionary moral qualities, always being exemplary in daily activities and working, vowing to go ahead to set an example in leadership, direction, and in all working relationships and life.

On the other hand, we will constantly self-study to improve our bravery, intelligence, qualifications, leadership and practical organizational capacity while following the sayings of talking must matches their action, daring to take responsibility, making efforts to well fulfill the tasks entrusted by the congress, the Party Committee and people.

Translated by My Thien (Source: Binh Thuan Newspaper)

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