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Foreigners calmly wait for normal life in Mui Ne

BTO – Ham Tien – Mui Ne which is dubbed as “the capital resort of Vietnam” becomes quite quiet during the social distancing days. Unlike normal days before, almost all of the restaurants, shopping malls, resorts, and entertainments areas are closed under the instructions of Covid-19 prevention and control.

Although Ham Tien – Mui Ne looks “gloomy” due to the effect of the Covid-19 epidemic, a number of foreigners and locals who are living in Ham Tien - Mui Ne found themselves calm and peaceful. They always abide by the regulations on social distancing and enjoy the relaxing moments during those special days. Above all, the local tourism sector to take advantage of this period in preparation for an impressive comeback.


The whole coastal city of Phan Thiet is experiencing the best tranquility as the streets see very few vehicles and people. Unlike many summer seasons, this year’s August is absolutely empty without visitors and travelers. All restaurants, food stalls, and entertainment areas are shut down to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

In the meantime, the foreigners who are living in Ham Tien – Mui Ne spend their relaxing days during the 14 days of social distancing under Directive No.16 of the Prime Minister. Most of them are sport-lovers and skateboarding players, but they are willing to follow the local authorities’ regulations in the hope that a new normal can come back earlier.

Hopefully, Phan Thiet in particular and Vietnam, in general, can defeat the Covid-19 epidemic as soon as possible. Both Vietnamese people and foreigners in Ham Tien – Mui Ne are ready to join the fight against coronavirus.

Translated by My Thien

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