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Binh Thuan keeps fighting agains

Binh Thuan keeps fighting against IUU fishing and pandemic

BTO - In order to remove the EC's "yellow card" on the prevention of illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing, especially preventing ships from illegally fishing in foreign waters, Binh Thuan is implementing many drastic solutions the dual task of fighting the Covid-19 epidemic and IUU fishing.

Phan Thiet Fishing Port staff controls people entering the port.

Strictly checkup of fishing vessel activities

From July 2019 up to now, in the province, there is no longer a situation of fishing boats and fishermen illegally exploiting seafood in foreign waters. This result is a great effort of the whole political system and the close coordination between functional branches. Phan Thiet allows ship owners and captains of offshore fishing vessels to sign a commitment not to violate foreign waters and localities to create lists of high-risk fishing vessels that regularly operate outside the province to put them under special tracking. Besides, strict control of fishing activities at fishing ports is always the first concern.

Most of these fishing vessels, before docking, gave 1 hour's notice to the fishing port management board to monitor. At the same time, the collection and submission of logs and exploitation reports are done quite skillfully by ship owners as a daily routine. Fisherman Trinh Minh Tan (Duc Thang ward) has just come to submit a fishing log: “Every fishing trip, I keep a fishing log with full information about the time, location of fishing, and production-specific amount for each species. I was not used to this at first, but I was guided by the port staff a few times so I got used to it. In addition to installing cruise monitoring equipment in accordance with regulations, I also commit and propagate to others who have ships fishing in groups to absolutely not illegally exploit foreign waters.

According to the Management Board of Phan Thiet Fishing Port, in the first 6 months of 2021, more than 1,120 fishing vessels entered Phan Thiet port to load and unload seafood with more than 7,100 tons of seafood. Here, the forces collected 992 logging books, reaching the rate of 88%, and issued 46 certificates of origin of exploited seafood for 981 tons of seafood of all kinds.

Not only propagandizing by loudspeakers, distributing leaflets directly to crew members and captains, the fishing port management board also closely monitors ships on the high-risk list. If an abnormality is found,  they will notice it immediately to the border guards and the Sub-department of Fisheries to handle. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Thu, Head of Exploitation - Operations, Management Board of Phan Thiet Fishing Port said: "Recently, fishermen have had many changes in their awareness. At the same time, thanks to the effectiveness of propaganda and coordination between units at the port, fishermen have become more aware of complying with regulations on anti-IUU fishing."

Preventing the pandemic

While being fierce in combating IUU fishing, Phan Thiet Fishing Port also strengthens the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic when sea workers are one of the sources of high risk of infection. In the male fish season, every day, Phan Thiet Fishing Port welcomes about 2,000 people in and out of the port. Therefore, in addition to propaganda on loudspeakers, the 3 epidemic prevention teams of the fishing port regularly remind small traders and workers operating in the port through portable speakers to well implement the 5K message. In addition, the control of drivers who import and export goods to the port at gates 1 and 2 is also quite strict, both measuring temperature, making medical declarations, and requiring drivers outside the province to have proof of the Covid-19 test (negative) as prescribed.

Provincial Border Guard teams closely monitor these ships. Mr. Nguyen Thanh Thu added: “We ask captains and crew members not to go ashore, transship caught seafood via small ships to limit contact with many people on the port. The merchants in the province are responsible for providing raw materials for these ships and requested to quickly leave the port, not anchoring in the area of ​​​​Binh Thuan."

Recently the City People's Committee. Phan Thiet has established an interdisciplinary pandemic checkpoint at Phan Thiet Fishing Port. In addition, 3 other checkpoints also came into operation at Phan Ri Cua Fishing Port, La Gi Fishing Port, and Phu Quy Transport Port. There are also four fishing ports in the province that allow offshore fishing vessels and seafood logistics service ships in the province to enter if there is a need for anchoring, loading, and unloading products, supplementing fuel, and demand. essentials… according to the regulations of the Provincial People's Committee.

Translated by Uyen Linh (Source: Binh Thuan Newspaper)


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