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Binh Thuan improves the effectiv

Binh Thuan improves the effectiveness of tourism promotion and communication

BTO - In 2021, Binh Thuan determines that domestic market will be the target market, at the same time the province’s preparing campaigns to promote the safe, friendly and quality destination to international visitors. When the market allows, Binh Thuan tourism focuses on advertising, broadcasting, introducing typical products and stimulating tourism demand.

Safe trip in Binh Thuan

Last year, although tourism activities were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, Binh Thuan tourism still affirmed its brand name of sea resort through organizing the launch in response to the program "Vietnamese people travel to Vietnam" and the recognition of Phu Quy as the provincial tourism area on the 25th anniversary of Tourism Day and announced the decision to recognize Mui Ne National Tourist Area.

In addition, the sector advised the Provincial Steering Committee for Disease Control to issue a set of safety criteria for epidemic prevention, which are appropriate to the new situation; at the same time, assuming the prime responsibility and coordinating with the Department of Health in conducting inspections and affixing safety labels for businesses to ensure safety criteria to serve customers. And in order to promote communication, brand promotion, the industry has cooperated with the Provincial Tourism Association to implement a program to introduce a safe, friendly, attractive and quality Binh Thuan destination with the theme “Oh Wow! Mui Ne ”.

Along with promoting the image at the HCM City Tourism Festival 2020, the industry also implements a plan to implement solutions to promote and stimulate tourism demand in 2020 and the period to 2025. Through the approval, the operation the Doi Duong Tourist Information Station as well as consulting and supporting information for nearly 200 calls to the hotline to support visitors, creating a beautiful impression on visitors and local people and contributing to affirm the tourism brand.

Friendly invitation to visitors

On the basis of the message of the Tourism industry to tourists affirming that Mui Ne - Binh Thuan is still a "safe - friendly - quality" destination, it will continue to promote communication activities to introduce the destination in many ways, including online promotion and digital marketing promotion for tourism to match the safety criteria of the destination of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. Adjusting promotional activities in the direction of pushing online advertisement on newspapers, radio, media and social networking sites. At the same time, opening information categories on "Binh Thuan tourism" on the website, the Provincial Tourism Portal and tourist social networking sites. In addition, it also make promotional films about typical tourism products such as the best cuisine, the most beautiful check-in destination, the most beautiful resort, the most romantic beach, adventure sports ..., printing and distributing publications and gifts according to the brand identity.

For tourism promotion, it will strengthen links tourism development with provinces and cities nationwide, especially the tourism development triangle Ho Chi Minh City - Lam Dong - Binh Thuan with the theme "Saigon Market - Da Lat flower - Mui Ne beach ", linking the tourism demand" safe destination "with the Southeastern regions, the program promoting culture - tourism - cuisine in Binh Phuoc. Especially, in April 2021, Binh Thuan tourism will participate in promoting at VITM International Travel Fair - Hanoi and hold "Binh Thuan Culture - Tourism Days" for the first time in Hanoi capital. As for the international market, depending on the actual situation, the appropriate market will be selected to organize tourism promotion and promotion as well as organize the welcoming of Famtrip and Presstrip groups come to Binh Thuan to survey and communicate characteristics products and safe tourism environment.

With the orientation of increasingly more modern and professional advertising and media, Binh Thuan tourism image continues to create a clear mark to invite visitors to come. Thereby, maintaining the reputation of destination brand, promoting competitive advantages for green and sustainable tourism development strategy in the new year.

Translated by Uyen Linh (Source: Binhthuan.gov.vn)

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