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Students get acquainted with rea

Students get acquainted with reading habits amid prolonged school closure 

BTO – As school closure has lasted for several weeks, many parents decided to take their children to the provincial Library as a way to keep them safe and improve their reading habits. Accordingly, as many as 600 students at all grades began familiar with reading books, surfing the internet at the library during their free time. 

Young learners read books at library

“From Feb 2nd to 23rd, the Library has welcomed about 600 turns of young readers, with 90% of students. Remarkably, the library is always packed with readers from Monday until Saturday. All the arranged computers have been used to serve for readers in search for documents and entertainment”, said librarian Lam Thi Thu Huong.

With aims of taking full use of free time during the school off-days, some primary students eagerly go to the library every day. The library is equipped with various kinds of books and comic books, etc., supporting students to study the academic subjects in terms of natural, social and scientific areas.

Young students can also use computers to learn Vietnamese history through historical figures as a means to kill their free time and review the school knowledge during the school closure.

The librarians frequently clean the equipment and bookshelves as well as remind students of keeping public hygiene and wearing face masks at crowds so that parents do not worry over the virus attack at the library.

Translated by My Thien (Source: Binh Thuan Newspaper)

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