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Schools in Binh Thuan make preparation to reopen

 BTO- According to plan of department of Education & Training, students of all levels are expected to come back to school next month after several weeks off due to the outbreak of novel coronavirus (Covid-19).

Binh Thuan Newspaper’s reporter lately had a brief interview with Mr.Phan Doan Thai-Director of department of  Education and Training over the preparation work of local education sector to deal with learning plan for students in the coming time.

Question1: According to Ministry of Health’s recommendation, students in provinces/cities that do not have an outbreak of further spread of Covid-19 can return to schools soon in March.  Which plan does Binh Thuan’s department of Education & Training choose to carry out teaching program of the past two weeks (mergings lessons periods to teach lessons which the students missed or extending the end of the school year)?

Answer: Before deciding to welcome students back to schools, a part from the advice from Ministry of Health, we also asked the consultance from department of Health. Department of  Education ad Training has adjusted teaching curricular as compensation for two weeks absence. Schools should organize teaching and learning schedules in suitable time depending on their material facilities and teaching patterns (boarding schools or day schools). If the schools meet difficulties during in implementing this plan, the expansion of the ending the school year 2019-2020 will be taken into consideration. However, local education sector must follow the guidelines from Ministry of Education & Training before make any decision.

Question 2: Which measures will be take to ensure safety and sterilization to prevent the spread of Covid-19 when students returning to schools?

Answer:  For many days, preventive measures have been synchronously deployed at all educatioal facilities in Binh Thuan to avoid the viral contagion.

All of 967 schools have completed sterilization work, including cleaning and sterilizing classrooms and other spaces on campus. At the same time, department of Education & Training issued a series of documents to direct schools to seriously implement all hygienic measure to ensure safety for students and teachers. Schools must be equipped with body-tempreture meters. Students who have symtomps of fever, cough should be immediately reported to the nearest medical facilities for timely intervention. In addition, hand sanitizing liquid must be available in schools for students to wash their hands after their break time. Teachers are requested to raise awareness of students and their parents about the acute respiratory disease caused by the novel strain of coronavirus (Covid-19). All of us must keep calm to take preventive measures recommended by Ministry of Health. Education sector will boost efforts in preventing the possible spread of Covid-19 to keep all students safe.

Translated by Phuong Lan (Source: Binhthuan Online)

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