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Hanoi students win special prize

Hanoi students win special prize at international invention contest

Ngo Gia Bao and Do Gia Khanh, two eleventh graders of the Hanoi – Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, have won the special prize of the fifth International Invention Innovation Competition in Canada (ICAN) for their product Intelligent Rubbish Can At School (IRAS).

Ngo Gia Bao and Ngo Gia Khanh working on their product ‘Intelligent Rubbish Can At School’

Under the instruction of Phan Quoc Nguyen, a lecturer at the Hanoi – Vietnam National University, the two student designed a dustbin with a sensor-based sorting lid which can separate trash into two buckets inside.

The bottom of the dustbin is attached with a robot vacuum to clean up trash on the floor. The product can also perform the function of disinfection, sterilisation, and temperature and humidity measurement.

According to Gia Bao, the duo had to make 30 adjustments to complete the product. They also had to prepare a six-minute video presentation to submit to the jury.

Organized by Toronto International Society of Innovation and Advanced Skills (TISIAS), ICAN is known as the first international inventors’ event ever held in Canada and a place of global exchange and festivity for all participating inventors, celebrating their hard work and dedication towards creativity and innovation.

The main purpose of the event is to arrange a special platform on which the world’s creativity can emerge and bring invention and innovation exhibition culture to life by providing exceptional opportunities for inventors and students worldwide to expand their international landscape of activities.

This year’s event received a total of 608 applications submitted by entrants from 61 countries, marking the highest record of participating countries in the last five editions.

Design of the special prize winning product ‘Intelligent Rubbish Can At School’

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