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Binhthuan: 224 schools recognized national standard

BTO-Reports from the department of Education and Training show that, local education sector has just recognized 28 educational facilities as national standard schools (an increase of 7 ones compared with the plan).  

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 Among those, there are 10 kindergartens/nursery schools (2 in Tanh Linh district, 2 in Phan Thiet city, 2 in Duc Linh, 1 in La Gi town, 1 in Bac Binh, 1 in Ham Thuan Bac, and 1 in Ham Tan); 11 primary schools (2 in Ham Thuan Bac district, 1 in Tanh Linh, 1 in Tuy Phong, 1 in Phan Thiet city, 1 in Bac Binh, 2 in Duc Linh, and 3 in Ham Tan); 6 secondary schools (2 in Tuy Phong district, 1 in Tanh Linh, 1 in Ham Tan, 1 in Bac Binh, and 1 in Duc Linh), and one high school (Phan Chu Trinh high school in Phan Thiet city).

Up to now, the number of national standard schools has reached 224 schools in total (39 kindergartens, 111 primary schools, 60 secondary schools, and 14 high schools). In which, national standard schools account for 39.30% of the total public schools in the province.

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