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Binh Thuan to honor 100 outstand

Binh Thuan to honor 100 outstanding students

BTO – As many as 500 youth union members, students and pupils in the province has convened on October 13th night at Phan Thiet city for a ceremony to light up Vietnamese’s dreams and honor students with “5 goods” and “3 practices” in 2018. The event was jointly held by Binh Thuan provincial Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union (HCYU) and the Department of Education and Training and the provincial Association of Study Encouragement.

At the event, the delegates met and exchanged directly with 4 typical guests who are typical, adversity-overcoming, studious and successful samples for students to follow and study. The organizer also granted 100 gifts, worth VND 1 million, to good students under difficult circumstances. Specially, other 18 students with “5 good things” and “4 well practices” in the school year of 2017-2018 were honored at the event.

The program to light up the youths’ dreams will continue to be a bridge between philanthropists and disadvantaged students. Hopefully, the activity would encourage, and evolve their dream, aspiration and spirit in effort to be good students and citizens.

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