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Binh Thuan

Binh Thuan: 6 typical scientific and technological intellectuals honored 

BTO- The provincial People’s Committee lately held a ceremony to honor “Typical intellectuals in the field of science and technology”-the 2nd edition, 2020, with the attendance of vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Hoa, representative leaders of departments/branches/agencies, organizations.

At the event, 6 outstanding intellectuals working in science and technology sector (including 2persons in health care services, 3 ones in agriculture sector and 1 in socio-culture sector) were honored for their useful  initiatives, solutions, scientific work, as well as their contributions to the province’s general development.

According to Mr. Luong Thanh Son-Chairman of the the provincial Union of Science and Technology Associations, the selection and honoring of typical intellectuals in the field of science and technology have been implemented exactly and publicly to ensure recognition of their contributions.

Vice Chairman Nguyen Duc Hoa highly appreciated remarkable contributions and merit of intellectuals in socioeconomic development. He emphasized that intellectuals have become an important force that is building up national strength in the implementation of development strategies. They have affirmed their roles and positions in the society, especially in the fourth industrial revolution.  

Mr. Hoa asked authorities at all levels, departments to grasp thoroughly the guidelines and policies of the Party and State in terms of building intellectual forces in the period of industrialization and modernization to creat the best conditions for local intellectuals to promote their intelligence, capability, determination, enthusiasm in fulfilling their tasks. He confirmed that the development and application of science and technology have been considered as the top national policy to create driving force for socioeconomic development.  Vice Chairman Hoa also suggested the provincial Union of Science and Technology Associations to continue developing its role in gathering and uniting to promote intellectuals’ skills and creativeness and contribute to the province’s rapid and sustainable development.

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20 collectives, individuals in culture- sports sector awarded by PPC Chairman

BTO- Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee lately signed a decision on awarding certificates of merit to 7 collectives and 13 persons with outstanding achievements in sporting, cultural and artistic competitions in 2020.

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Province’s leaders visited, gifted medical  establishments on Vietnamese Physicians’ Day 

BTO- Mr. Duong Van An- Member of the Party Central Committee- Secretary of the provincial Party Committee on February 26 made a visit to Binh Thuan General Hospital, provincial Lung Hospital, Phan Thiet city medical center, and the provincial hospital for Traditional medicine and Rehabilitation on the occasion of the 66th anniversary of Vietnamese Physicians’ Day (February 27, 1955-2021).

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