Tran The Trung from Nghe An wins Olympia competition 2019

Updated at 14:57:06 09/16/2019 (Views: 28)

Tran The Trung, a 12 grader from Phan Boi Chau High School for Gifted Students in the central province of Nghe An, overcome three other contestants at the final round of the Olympia competition 2019 to become the champion of the 19th Olympia competition.

  • Awards launched to honour Vietnamese talents

    Updated at 16:18:56 05/31/2017 (Views: 639)

    The 2017 Vietnamese Talent Awards were launched on May 30 to search for and honour Vietnamese smart solutions in the four categories of information and technology, environment, medicine and pharmacy, and talent incentive.

  • Free-of-charge games and activities open for all children on June 1st

    Updated at 16:21:48 05/30/2017 (Views: 786)

    BTO – As the International Children’s Day (June 1st) and Summer Break 2017 is coming nearer and nearer, Binh Thuan provincial Children’s House plans to observe many meaningful activities, titled “Binh Thuan Childhood festive day June 1st”.

  • VN student wins US invention prize

    Updated at 09:21:19 05/29/2017 (Views: 970)

    Pham Quang Huy, 11th grade student in central Quảng Trị Province recalled his experience in the US more than one week ago

  • Internationally standardized education – gold mine for investors

    Updated at 14:42:51 05/26/2017 (Views: 1049)

    More and more investors have injected money into the educational sector as it is considered a gold mine, experts have said.

  • Taiwan’s university met with Binh Thuan leaders to boost education cooperation

    Updated at 08:56:25 05/24/2017 (Views: 1477)

    BTO – Vice chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Nguyen Duc Hoa worked with Right Rich International Limited company and Taiwan’s Minghsin Technology and Science University on May 22nd morning. The working session aimed to foster Binh Thuan’s students who wish to study and work in Taiwan.

  • Vietnam launches book to prevent child abuse

    Updated at 08:21:05 05/24/2017 (Views: 1005)

    A handbook titled “Respect! My Body!”, a guide for adults and teachers to talk to children about body boundaries and sexual abuse, was launched on Tuesday in Hanoi.

  • Binh Phuoc fulfills universal education for five-year-olds

    Updated at 15:01:04 05/22/2017 (Views: 1095)

    The southern province of Binh Phuoc has met national standards for universal preschool education for five-year-old children in 2011-2016, according to the Ministry of Education and Training.

  • Pham Tho Quoc Long gets a ticket to the final round of “Road to Mt.Olympia’s Peak” Intelligence Quiz Show

    Updated at 10:14:45 05/22/2017 (Views: 2029)

    BTO - Pham Tho Quoc Long, a student of grade 11th of Tran Hung Dao gifted high school, have outstandingly beaten the 3 other contestants, from Ha Noi Thanh Hoa and Gia Lai at the third-quarter “Road to Mt. Olympia’s peak” 2017.

  • Binh Thuan: Thousands of excellent students honored

    Updated at 10:18:03 05/20/2017 (Views: 595)

    BTO – On May 19th morning, the Department of Education and Training (DoET) held ceremony to honor 271 students with outstanding academic results in the 2016-2017 school year.

  • Vietnam boosts tertiary education, green growth cooperation with Belgium

    Updated at 08:28:28 05/19/2017 (Views: 1131)

    Vietnam hopes to forge stronger cooperation with Belgium in tertiary education, green economy and climate change response, Deputy Prime Minister Vuong Dinh Hue told Belgian Ambassador to Vietnam Jehanne Roccas during their meeting in Hanoi on May 18.

  • Vice President meets Vietnamese students in Fukuoka

    Updated at 16:29:19 05/15/2017 (Views: 1275)

    Vice President Dang Thi Ngoc Thinh had a meeting with 80 Vietnamese students in Fukuoka city in the province of same name on May 14, as part of her ongoing visit to Japan.

  • Japan’s Nishi Nippon offers overseas study consultation to Phu Quy students

    Updated at 15:30:13 05/12/2017 (Views: 1757)

    BTO – On May 11th morning, students in Phu Quy island were given consultation on overseas study in Japan. The consulting event was conducted by the VLearning Language education and training Company in partnership with Japan-based Nishi Nippon University.

  • Students choose high school exams for university admissions

    Updated at 14:57:36 04/26/2017 (Views: 470)

    More than 859,800 candidates have completed registration for the national high school examination, with nearly 75% opting for university admission via high school exam results, according to the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET).

  • Tran Hung Dao gifted high school bagged 45 medals at the traditional Olympic competition 30/4

    Updated at 09:52:04 04/11/2017 (Views: 3894)

    BTO – As annually, the collectives of teachers and students of Tran Hung Dao gifted high school (Binh Thuan province) brought dozens of medals to the locality from the traditional Olympic competition 30/4 for excellent students in the southern provinces.

  • Kid-schools to compete in sketching “Vietnam’s seas and islands”

    Updated at 08:07:50 04/11/2017 (Views: 1003)

    BTO - Some 46 students of primary and secondary schools in Tuy Phong districts have participated in a painting competition under the theme “Students love Vietnam’s seas and islands” held by the district’s  HCM Young Pioneers Organization.

  • Granting 60 English-study scholarships to undergraduates

    Updated at 17:05:05 04/05/2017 (Views: 3805)

    BTO – On April 4th morning, a forum to guide English-learners, who lost the basic knowledge of English language, how to study English well held by University of Phan Thiet has attracted more than 500 students from many faculties.

  • Unfortunate students make cultural exchanges with South Korean choir

    Updated at 13:57:05 03/21/2017 (Views: 3909)

    BTO- Nearly 100 students of Compassion school and Center for social protection of children exchanged culture with the Moffet Women’s Choirs from South Korea. The event was co-held by the Association for Supporting disabled and orphanage children and Vision trading-services-production ltd., co.

  • Students provided with information on national seas and islands

    Updated at 10:52:58 03/21/2017 (Views: 3779)

    BTO – As many as 300 students of Nguyen Hue high school and Ly Thuong Kiet high school (La gi town) have attended a propaganda event on seas and islands co-held by  the High Command of Naval Region 2 and Department of Education and Training.

  • 2 high-school students won national awards for science & technology achievements

    Updated at 10:37:51 03/20/2017 (Views: 3823)

    BTO- Two out of nine students of Binh Thuan participated in the National awards for science & technology achievements in the 2016-2017 school year have obtained third and consolation prizes recently. The awards, held by the Ministry of Education and Training, aims at high school students in the Southern region, from Da Nang southward.

  • Binh Thuan to gear up for graduation and entrance examinations

    Updated at 08:04:47 03/17/2017 (Views: 3858)

    BTO- Chairman of Binh Thuan provincial People’s Committee on March 15th issued Directive No.05 on the organization and recognition of the upcoming graduation and entrance examinations for students of grade 5th, grade 9th, grade 12th in the academic year of 2016-2017.

  • 150 Grobest scholarships to disadvantaged students

    Updated at 14:38:42 03/16/2017 (Views: 3832)

    BTO – Vietnam Grobest Co., Ltd in partnership with Vietnam Fund for Study Encouragement and Dan Tri Newspaper have recently granted 150 scholarships, worth totally VND 90 million, to poor students in 6 schools in 2 districts of Binh Thuan province.

  • On-site job orientation for students in the coastal areas

    Updated at 15:23:35 03/15/2017 (Views: 3757)

    BTO- Binh Thuan Economic and Technical high school has recently held job orientation and consultation for 9th-graders in two schools near the coastal area of Phan Thiet city.

  • English training for students

    Updated at 08:23:34 03/05/2017 (Views: 3871)

    BTO-  English club with theme “environment”, which has been held by Mrs. Elizabeth Jane Spittal-Cote and Faculty of Foreign Languages (Binh Thuan Community College, attracted many students from class K15A1, K15A2. They make conversation, discussion… and get new words, at the club. This is a chance for students practising their skills (listening, speaking…).

  • Samaritan's purse International Relief giving 1,939 gifts to students

    Updated at 14:41:28 02/22/2017 (Views: 3951)

    BTO - 1,939 gifts have been given to students from Ham Duc and Hong Son primary schools and Hong Son secondary school (Ham Thuan Bac district) by Samaritan's purse International Relief (The USA) in collaboration with Fund for disabled people and orphans in Binh Thuan province.

  • More than 11,000 workers provided vocational training

    Updated at 09:29:00 02/16/2017 (Views: 3889)

    BTO - Vocational college  and schools in Binh Thuan province  trained 11,164 students, reaching 111.64 percent as planned. Particularly, 184 students at vocational college, reaching 73.6 percent as planned , 650 persons at vocational schools, reaching 98.48 percent as planned.

  • Universities fail to post accurate data

    Updated at 15:40:15 02/14/2017 (Views: 3937)

    Universities and educational institutes must publicise their achievements, such as the rate of their graduates who have found jobs, before the national high school entrance exam of 2018, experts said at a recent conference.

  • Education administration goes online

    Updated at 14:41:44 02/08/2017 (Views: 3948)

    By 2020, all state governing bodies in education and training and other educational institutions hope to perform administrative activities online. Seventy percent of meetings between state governing bodies and educational institutions are hoped to be conducted via teleconference.

  • 9 students won in national excellent student competition 2017

    Updated at 14:35:03 02/07/2017 (Views: 4207)

    BTO - Ministry of Education and Trainning has officially announced a list of  students winning in national excellent student competition 2017.

  • Manufacturing sector struggles to overcome skills gap

    Updated at 15:29:32 02/03/2017 (Views: 3912)

    The labour challenges facing Vietnam in 2017 are considerable, requiring a massive effort to retrain and upskill workers by the millions, says the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (Molisa).

  • Cooperation of Liège University in agricultural research

    Updated at 16:31:37 01/18/2017 (Views: 3886)

    BTO - Binh Thuan Department of Science and Technology has had a meeting with the delegation of  Liège University (Belgium).

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