Tuy Phong district

Tuy Phong district:

Viet nam- Belgium project, the beginning for  a green, clean and beautiful urban area

Started in September 2006 and finished in September 2010, project Viet Nam-Belgium in improving sanitation and environmental protection at Lien Huong town and Phan Ri Cua town, sponsored by the Government of Belgium has brought local people many practical benefits.

Creating a green town...

BTO - In the locality of Tuy Phong district, besides windy and thermo-electricity projects, the Viet Nam-Belgium is an obvious social project. The project’s total investment is EUR 4.3 million, including EUR 550,000 from Viet Nam’s reciprocal capital  (13%), EUR 2.8 million from Belgium’s aid (65%).

Ms Nguyen Thi Hoa, who is in charge of the project’s environmental communications, said that its goals is to improve living conditions and sanitation. After 4 years of implementation, the project has set basic environmental services, supplied fresh water  for 70,000 people, concreted almost 36.000 meters of alleys in the towns; built a landfill for the whole district; provided more than VND 3 billion to build latrines and septic tanks for poor households; installed 2 waste incinerators and solid waste treatment system for Tuy Phong Hospital and Phan Ri Cua Polyclinic;  built 4 latrines for 4 schools; and improved management capability for the Management Board of public works. The direct beneficiaries of the project are people in the two towns, especially women and the poor.

The box-shaped drainage channel in Lien Huong

Vietnam-Belgium project have solved the hardest “problem” of environmental pollution and water shortage. In Lien Huong, after completing the treatment system and 1,182 meters of box-shaped drainage channel which made by concrete and steel (R 2.5m x C2m), concerns about pollution in Muong Ho area ended, instead making here becoming a clean place for playing and entertainment.

 Mr. Nguyen Van Son from residentail unit 6 said with excited attitude: “Since completing  the channel, all local people are happy and no more fears about their health”. As the water drainage system in Lien Huong (with capacity of 30 cubic meters), the water supply project worth VND 20 billion in Phan Ri Cua has satisfied “the thirst” in the past.

People get loan to connect water meter in order to increase from 1,455 to 6,480, water supply increased from 300 cubic meters per day to 2,800 cubic meters per day and use the water supply  with quality in accordance with the standards of Public Health Ministry.

For clean and beautiful environment in the future

After these towns formed 4 groups of environmental communication according to the “long rain infiltration beams” strategy, which conducted in 4 pilot  quarters and 4 schools, local people and pupils have the basic knowledge and good behavior about environtmental protection, garbages pollution in Lien Huong and Phan Ri Cua  wharf resolved basically.

According to Ms. Hoa, the project has provided 185 trolleys and 280 garbage containers to boost garbage and solid waste collection from 20% to 90%, and bring  nearly 2,000 trees to all streets and  public areas  for a fresh and green urban area.

Deputy Secretary of the Party cell of residential unit 5 Cao Minh Quang said: “In other places, perhaps the preserving  environment  is an “old” thing, but it is a new problem here”. According to him, the new one is a change in a firm bad habit, nothing abstract.

The good things are people’s way of thinking and doing has really changed, and the quality of life and environment in the project area has improved remarkably. We all understand that concerving the civilized town is just only a modification of cultural behavior. Each person do a small thing to get big benefits.

Vietnam-Belgium project was selected as one in 10 typical socioeconomic  events of Tuy Phong district to celebrate the 7th Party congress of the district  (tenure 2010-2015) which took place from August 18-20.

 Phuong Lan (Source: Binh Thuan Newspaper)

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