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Youth disseminate messages on en

Youth disseminate messages on environmental protection in La Gi town

BTO – The Ho Chi Minh communist Youth union Branch of La Gi town lately launched the model of “Traditional market- minimizing plastic waste” in Tan Binh market, with the participation of 150 youth union members and Women’s Union members.

At the event, the organizers dispensed 150 shopping baskets, 150 environmental-friendly shopping bags and 6,000 paper bags to shoppers and sellers in the market, with the purpose of encouraging local people to use plastic shopping baskets that can be reused instead of single-use plastic bags. Many people are still keeping a habit of using plastic bags because they are convenient. But plastic products have caused environmental impacts and become dangers for human health. Currently, customers often use too many plastic bags to carry food products and other goods. But this model has offered individual shoppers and store owners plastic baskets as an alternative to carry all shopping items. Local people have actively responded to this program which aims to reduce plastic waste.

Besides, youth also implemented the program “Giving garbage-receiving green trees”, which offered people tiny pots of succulent in exchange for all kinds of collected garbage. As many as 50 pots of succulent were given as an effective and meaningful about environmental protection.

This activity has contributed to disseminating a positive lifestyle that is environmentally-friendly among youth and the whole community.

Translated by Phuong Lan (Source: Binh Thuan Online)


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