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Thousands of Mid-Autumn gifts gi

Thousands of Mid-Autumn gifts given to children in outlying areas

 BTO-Mid-Autumn festival, the festival for Vietnamese children to celebrate is coming in every corner of the province. During these days, departments/agencies, social organizations and enterprises are busy with activities to bring a cosy and happy full  moon festival for children across the province, especially those in mountainous and outlying areas.

In particular, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union branches of the provincial Police, department of Planning and Investment in collaboration with charitable groups from Ho Chi Minh City held a Mid-Autumn celebration program  for children in Phan Hoa commune (Bac Binh district). As many as 1,058 children, who are students of kindergartens, elementary and secondary schools in the commune eagerly joined the event, where they were presented hundreds of gifts (worth VND 100,000 each), including notebooks, pens, school bags, moon cakes, lanterns….  

In Thuan Minh commune (Ham Thuan Bac district), local children also enjoyed festive day designed for them. Budhist followers and monks from Phap Dien pagoda (Phan Thiet city)  brought about 100 gifts (VN 50,000 each gift) to students of Thuan Minh 1 elementary school. The gifts (included bottled milk, confectionary, lanterns) are considered as an encouragement for children in this mountainous commune to begin the new school year.

Members of the Communist Youth Union branches of the provincial Border Guard and PV Oil Binh Thuan lately organized a cultural and artistic show for 400 students of Binh An primary school (Bac Binh district) to welcome Mid-Autumn festival. At the show themed “Fullmoon festival”, local children participated in many practical and exciting activities, such as: games, funny quiz, storytelling, lantern parade, singing, dealing out mid-autumn cake and fruit, and receiving gifts. This is meaningful program for disadvantaged children as they enjoyed an unforgettable Mid Autumn festival.

In the mountainous commune of Ham Can (Ham Thuan Nam district), 350 children enjoyed their own festival and received Mid Autumn gifts from Trung Nga Private Transport Company.  The program took place on September 9 with the attendance of local leaders. On the same day, the Communist Youth Union branch of department of Culture-Sports and Tourism, accompanied by charitable organizations, brought the Mid-Autumn festival to children of  Phan Hiep commune (Bac Binh district). Apart from 500 gifts, local children were excited with a special art program performed by professional artists from Bien Xanh Song and Dance Troupe.

Recently, the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union branch of Ham Thuan Nam district coordinated with An Phuoc Hospital, Binh Thuan Newspaper, Binh Thuan Radio&Television Station, the provincial People’s Procuracy, department of Justice, the provincial department of Market Management, department of Industry and Trade, and MB Bank to organize a combined program for children in the 5 communes (Ham Cuong, Ham Thanh, Ham Can, Thuan Quy of Ham Thuan Nam district and Song Phan -Ham Tan district) to celebrate Mid Autumn festival. At the event, 30 bicycles, 40 scholarships and nearly 2,000 gifts were presented to disadvantaged students. In addition, the organizing board gave financial support to the construction of 1 compassion house for a student with extremely difficult circumstance and presented 7 special gifts to families with difficult circumstances. This program has a total cost of nearly VND 200 million.

Combined and translated by Phuong Lan (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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